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We get it. Finding a good dentist, periodontist, or orthodontist isn't easy. Getting an appointment that fits your schedule can be a big hassle. And then there’s the time in the chair. We think there’s a better way to care for and communicate with patients. A modern way..

At Smile Generation, we connect you with great dentists dedicated to delivering on our Right Fit™ promise: providing an exceptional patient experience and advanced clinical care. We’re here to make you smile.

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The trusted source for dental recommendations...
Not all dentists are created equally. Finding the best dentist in your area is an important decision. Smile Generation works only with best-in-class dentists who have a proven track record of excellent clinical work, service and a commitment to patients’ health and happiness. Take advantage of our social portal. Read what prior and current patients have to say about a general dentist they sought through our services.

Our story is Modern Dentistry...
Utilizing advanced technologies that reduce costs without sacrificing care, Smile Generation dentists provide a complete patient experience designed to be the Right Fit for the Modern Patient. Today’s patient is an empowered and well-informed consumer who knows he/she has a choice, who expects respect, who considers his/her time valuable, and wants the best value for his/her money. We understand this and will always do our best to ensure patients are satisfied with their experiences at Smile Generation trusted offices. If not, then it’s our obligation to evaluate the approval of the office. We’re committed to listening to patients. And not just listening, but engaging! We embrace patients as a partner on their dental care team, striving to assure that they will have the best overall experience – one that is the Right Fit for them, no matter which dentist they choose. Read about our pledge to help you find a dentist that is right for you.

Offices gain approval through their commitment to a variety of best practices...

  • The Right Fit Promise: providing an exceptional patient experience and advanced clinical care.
  • Modern Dentistry: utilizing advanced technologies that reduce costs without sacrificing care. Tested and proven state-of-the-art systems such as…
    • Digital X-rays: allowing you to see your mouth on a flat screen monitor attached to the dental chair. These use up to 90% less radiation and produce higher quality images than regular x-ray films.
    • Intra-oral Cameras: guiding you through your mouth by displaying a real time tooth-by-tooth video exam on your chair-side flat screen monitor.
    • Electronic Dental Records: providing instant access to all of your charts and x-rays. This paperless system means you can view them directly on your chair-side flat screen monitor.
    • Online Registration: saving you time in the office by completing medical and insurance forms on offices' secure websites prior to your first appointment.
    • CAD/CAM: offering you the opportunity to get a permanent metal-free crown, inlay (filling), or onlay in about 2 hours! No more goopy impression material, no more hassle of a temporary, and no more second visit! Unsurpassed durability. Stronger bond. Natural look. …it’s a precise fit.
  • Continuous Education
    • Clinical Excellence by Dentists: trusted dentists don’t just have the basics (i.e. dental license, malpractice insurance, etc.), they have much more through their commitment to continuous education courses and training workshops through Pacific Dental Services®. This allows them to stay on the forefront of dentistry.
    • Teamwork and Support: trusted offices have teams that are committed to continual learning through continuous education courses and training workshops through Pacific Dental Services. This allows each team to constantly improve the clinical service they provide, and also persistently better the customer service they deliver. Moreover, this process lets the dentists focus on what they do best, care for their patients!
  • Unmatched Support
    • Smile Generation-trusted dentists and offices receive unparalleled support from Pacific Dental Services. All Smile Generation trusted offices are supported by Pacific Dental Services, but not all Pacific Dental Services affiliated offices are Smile Generation-trusted. Pacific Dental Services partners with local dentists to provide business support services, allowing dentists to focus on caring for patients and growing a healthy practice in their community. Pacific Dental Services assists with accounting, marketing, compliance, administrative staff, etc. – basically all the headaches so dentists can focus on their first love: dentistry! To learn more about Pacific Dental Services, click here.