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Charity: water

663 million people in the world drink contaminated water every day. They walk for hours to collect it from rivers, lakes and holes in the ground. It causes diseases, keeps kids out of school and prevents parents from working. We’re offering an opportunity to help. With charity: water, 100% of all donations go to provide clean, safe drinking water. So please join us in making a difference for 10,000 people—one drop at a time.

10,000 Smiles. And they all start with you.

Give 100%. Every Ounce Counts.

Learn how charity: water works

Click here to discover “The Journey” your donations to charity: water make on an adventure to Ethiopia!

One little girl leaves behind an incredible legacy

The Smiths, Jada Pinkett and Will, 'give up' their birthdays

The September 2011 Campaign rig is deep in action

UNSHAKEN – charity: water's Haiti campaign

charity: water provides immediate response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake

GIVE CLEAN WATER AND HELP CHANGE LIVES! One hundred percent of your donation will directly fund water projects.

GET A CEREC® CAD/CAM SINGLE-VISIT CROWN OR BRACES! For every CEREC® patient and every braces patient, we make a donation to charity: water.


The Smile Generation has provided clean drinking water to nearly 12,000 deserving families across the globe. Here's a snapshot of where our wells are located and the villages they're helping. Click here to see a detailed interactive map that shows exact location details, photos and more.


See some of the actual projects come to life thanks to the dedicated efforts of The Smile Generation, Click Here.

To learn more about charity: water's commitment to provide clean drinking water to the people of Haiti, visit the UNSHAKEN site.