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Columbia Heights Dentistry

5220 Central Ave NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421
We are located on the corner of Central Avenue NE (Hwy 65) and 52nd Avenue NE, between US Bank and Noodles & Company, across from Menards.

Mon7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tue10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wed10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Finding a dentist in Columbia Heights that is dedicated to your dental care can be tough. From your first visit to Columbia Heights Dentistry , we will work together in creating not only a great looking smile but provide a comfortable modern environment for you and your family.

Columbia Heights Dentistry believes you deserve the best dentistry possible at the most affordable price. That is why Columbia Heights Dentistry has invested so heavily into incredible time and cost saving technology that maximizes the quality you receive. While in the dental office, our digital x-rays and electronic dental records help dramatically reduce the initial costs of your treatment.

Columbia Heights Dentistry offers an array of dental options and services, book your appointment today!

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Our Team
Negin Nazarian Reza Hamedy Mathew Woodward Rachel Uppgaard
Rated 4 out of 5 smiles.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
July 15, 2017
Aledith L.
they are awesome
Columbia Heights Dentistry
July 7, 2017
Liz E.
I called and they got me right in and fixed my broken tooth. It looks perfect like it never happened and they were very reasonable on price.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
June 29, 2017
Amanda H.
An AMAZING Dentist office! Great staff, wonderful prices and a team that truly cares about your teeth and time! I HATE the dentist but I loved them.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
June 24, 2017
Anthony B.
We were looking for a dental office that is professional, friendly, and competent. We found it here at Columbia Heights Dentristry.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
May 12, 2017
Charles J.
i liked it very much
Columbia Heights Dentistry
May 4, 2017
I absolutely LOVE this dentist! This is the first dentists office I've ever been comfortable in!! They are amazing!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
May 3, 2017
Jerry M.
Super knowledgeable people!!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
April 4, 2017
Mark W.
very nice place to go ill recomend to all my family and friends
Columbia Heights Dentistry
March 30, 2017
David B.
Awesome place
Columbia Heights Dentistry
March 18, 2017
Samantha S.
For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable and actually excited to go to the dentist! Thanks to this office and the AMAZING staff. I'm extremely happy with my experience here. From the receptionist to the Doctor, from the financial staff to the way my family stays entertained in the waiting area while I'm getting my treatment, this is the greatest dental facility a patient could ever hope for!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
March 17, 2017
John T.
I was very impressed and very happy with the Doctor in particular Dentist I have seen by far....
Columbia Heights Dentistry
March 14, 2017
Craig H.
Very friendly and accommodation, fun, personal
Columbia Heights Dentistry
February 10, 2017
Leslie J.
It was a very pleasing experience! They are very affordable and made sure I was comfortable the whole time!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
February 7, 2017
Glenda C.
Much more than I expected. I am very happy. The whole team made me feel very good about my whole experience , they were very warm and compassionate. I have no worries from this point on. Thank you Team.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
January 27, 2017
Don R.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
January 20, 2017
Ashley B.
It was so great that I could do same-day fillings, and that I was able to come in bright and early the next day to adjust one of them. This was so accommodating to my schedule and I really appreciated it!!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
January 20, 2017
Shondrelle B.
Columbia Heights Dentistry is an amazing place! They make you feel warm and welcomed. They work hard to make sure you walk out with the smile you've always wanted!!!!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
January 12, 2017
Richard B.
Excellent care done professionally and with care. Everyone was helpful and friendly and all options were explained in detail.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
January 11, 2017
Kate O.
Excellent care from start to finish! I'm thankful I can get in so quickly to start my procedures I've been putting off and Trayl is the BEST!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
January 5, 2017
Very friendly staff and new up to date equipment. Options and procedures were very well explained. First dental visit were I left feeling satisfied......and I've been to a lot of dentists.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
December 29, 2016
Whitney H.
I couldn't say enough wonderful things about my visit. From the moment I requested information online to the moment I left the clinic, I was all smiles! I felt like the care was actually interactive with all the fun technology. I'm usually pretty nervous about financial 'surprises', but they were so informative, and knowledgable about options, insurance and out of pocket, I felt comfortable moving forward with my dental health in the hands of the staff at the Columbia Heights Dentistry.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
December 18, 2016
Kathy B.
Everything was wonderful except the appt ran way longer than I had planned. I sat in the chair for an uncomfortable amount of time waiting. I finally communicated my time restrictions and then felt that the cleaning by the dentist was rushed. I feel someone shou,d have explained to me that the dentist was running behind. There was no communication to that fact. Not a big deal, but considering it was my first visit I felt I should explain. Overall, I loved your staff and I am so happy to have found a dentist office so close to our home!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
December 1, 2016
Nadya D.
Thank you so much, Dr. Nazarian and team for taking such a great care of me. My smile has completely changed for the better, thanks to you!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
November 29, 2016
Lee B.
All staff very pleasant hard working and informative. My situation is a difficult one and they guided with expertise and kindness.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
November 29, 2016
Cassandra S.
Still in a lot of pain, scheduled for a root canal. Would have like to had something prescribed to tolerate the pain in the mean time
Columbia Heights Dentistry
November 26, 2016
Geramy U.
My dentist was fantastic and kept it VERY comfortable for me. My whole experience was down to earth and very personal. I did not feel to be awkward at any point during my procedure. I found a new dental office!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
November 18, 2016
I was very happy with my visit.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
November 15, 2016
Caryl Z.
Everyone was extremely professional, helpful and caring.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
November 11, 2016
Susan W.
Terrific team.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
November 5, 2016
Heather B.
I am very happy with Columbia Heights Dentistry. They have always been very welcoming and made sure I understood costs and treatments. My teeth aren't in good shape and I have never felt judged or uncomfortable like I have with other dentists. I'm very happy to have found Dr. Nazarian. She is a wonderful dentist.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
October 4, 2016
Stephanie G.
Outstanding service and my first ever positive dental experience. I have already recommended your office to others.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
October 4, 2016
Samira B.
I had to get a crown for one of my front teeth. I was really concerned about the look. After Dr.Nazarian showed me some of her work and after the crown was done on my teeth I was completely satisfied. It is natural, symmetric and beautiful. Thanks a lot.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
September 27, 2016
Very high tech equipment, staff very friendly and good at explaining whats happening in the procedure.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
September 20, 2016
Sarah A.
The team was very professional and welcoming. It was a great experience from start to finish. I have never felt so comfortable at a dental office before.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
August 26, 2016
Micah D.
The office is beautiful with impressive new equipment. Everyone was friendly, and I didn't have to wait. I was also impressed with Dr. Nazarian, and I was glad that she wouldn't push any unnecessary treatments. I'm very happy that I chose Columbia Heights Dentistry. p.s. The x-ray mouth pieces were uncomfortable, and the arm of the machine was loose, but you already know that.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
August 9, 2016
Branden O.
The staff was very nice and pleasant! I hadn't seen a dentist in quite a while before coming to this office and everyone made the experience enjoyable. I would suggest this office to anyone and will continue to return.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
August 3, 2016
Cynthia F.
Very impressed with the Doctor and staff and the newest up to date equipment! I was very impressed that my crown was made the same day and put in in a couple of minutes instead of the usual temporary crown and then having to come back to have the permanent put in! Awesome!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
July 27, 2016
Ashley A.
Loved how kind and friendly the staff is and helped me understand my options
Columbia Heights Dentistry
July 26, 2016
Kendy W.
It hasn't even been 24 hours, and I can't even describe in words how amazing I feel. After 3 botched root canacls on my tooth, and being mislead on another, the entire staff at Columbia Heights Dentistry made me feel comfortable from start to finish, and even after! I will tell everybody that I see about your location!
Columbia Heights Dentistry
July 14, 2016
Gloria W.
Amazing, I will contiinue to get all my dental care done at Columbia Heights Dentistry
Columbia Heights Dentistry
July 12, 2016
Juan M.
Outstanding Service. Everyone was really nice. They took me on a tour of the facility and was explained to me what each room was. ????????
Columbia Heights Dentistry
July 7, 2016
Jose D.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and setup of such a new office and staff. I was in and out quickly. I think the only part that was missed, and partly my fault for not bringing it up, was the general cleaning. We got my xrays and photos done quickly, I received a friendly and detailed evaluation and options, had 2 fillings applied, but never thought to ask about a general cleaning. It may be related to moving forward with my dental health plan, but we did not get that part cleared up. Only other feedback I would offer to the benefits coordinator: Once I saw that there were monthly plan options through a credit plan, I was much more open to proceeding with my entire dental health plan. I think that having that brought up earlier would be beneficial. Immediately outline a pay in full option and that there are monthly options as well. Again, a fantastic office. I am happy to keep my business dollars local and to such a great team.
Columbia Heights Dentistry
July 1, 2016
Janice B.
Love they way the help me