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Windermere Dental Group

12341 FM 1960 Rd W
Houston, TX 77065
We are located on the southeast corner of FM 1960 Rd W and N Eldridge Pkwy, next to Raising Cane's.

Mon8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wed9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Finding a dentist in Houston that is dedicated to your dental care can be tough. From your first visit to Windermere Dental Group , we will work together in creating not only a great looking smile but provide a comfortable modern environment for you and your family.

Windermere Dental Group believes you deserve the best dentistry possible at the most affordable price. That is why Windermere Dental Group has invested so heavily into incredible time and cost saving technology that maximizes the quality you receive. While in the dental office, our digital x-rays and electronic dental records help dramatically reduce the initial costs of your treatment.

Windermere Dental Group offers an array of dental options and services, book your appointment today!

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Our Team
Minh Phan John Barnes Mina Rizk Anish Chavda
Kristin D. Rogers Bernardo F. Sarmiento Jr. Tamara Johnson Carin Hendricks
Rated 4 out of 5 smiles.
Windermere Dental Group
January 2, 2017
Stephanie M.
excellent service, enjoyed working with the dental team and will be back!
Windermere Dental Group
December 17, 2016
Diana D.
Dr. Phan and his whole team are such awesome and warm people, they really care about you as an individual and work with your comfort level. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is scared of going to the dentist as I was. I had such a positive experience with Dr. Phan and his whole team that it has changed my attitude towards going to the dentist office.
Windermere Dental Group
November 21, 2016
I was unhappy with my cleaning due to pain and sensitivity and the dentist seemed somewhat concerned about my sensitivity but he was quite rough with the overall cleaning of my teeth. I have had pain for the past week since I left there, I did not have any pain prior to seeing them for my 6 month check up. I can't even chew on the left side of my mouth at all because of the pain.
Windermere Dental Group
November 17, 2016
Jesus L.
Really good first experience.
Windermere Dental Group
October 27, 2016
The whole staff is amazing everyone was so nice and welcoming. I just loved how well they took care of me and explained everything in detail. I would definitely recommend this dental office.
Windermere Dental Group
September 27, 2016
Greg K.
Great first time visit . The entire team treated me like a patient not a retail transaction.
Windermere Dental Group
September 12, 2016
Jacob B.
The experience was refreshing from start to finish.
Windermere Dental Group
September 6, 2016
excellent service - would recommend to friends and family
Windermere Dental Group
August 28, 2016
the entire staff was very welcoming, informative and understanding.
Windermere Dental Group
August 27, 2016
Lisonya G.
I'm very please with the overall treatment I received from Windermere. Having had a longterm fear of dentists and dental procedures the experience here more than surpassed my expectation and I am confident I will return for ongoing treatment. Great job to all the staff in their ability to make this process smooth and easy for me. I can't thank each of them enough!
Windermere Dental Group
August 27, 2016
Jawwad M.
Windermere Dental Group
August 8, 2016
Victor O.
One of the reasons I would avoid my yearly dental check ups or delay was when I new i would need a deep cleaning at the prior dentist I would go to was always a painful however I always thought that's the price to pay for not going regularly. Until my deep dental cleaning at your office was not painful at all. When I had to go back to pick up my nite guard as I walked in the door they called out my name and said will be right with you this type of customer care gives your dental office the WoW treatment in going above and beyond in making your customers feel appreciated!
Windermere Dental Group
July 26, 2016
Natalie Y.
I have been very pleased with the warmth, level of engagement & professionalism at Windermere Dental from the onset.. Very happy with my decision to change over to them for my dental needs.. They are outstanding !
Windermere Dental Group
July 20, 2016
Janet S.
Very comfortable with you guys. I have referred 2 people so far, and only was there yesterday.
Windermere Dental Group
July 15, 2016
Jonathan O.
They were really helpful and kind. They made me very comfortable with my visit.
Windermere Dental Group
July 1, 2016
Mark G.
Absolutely fantastic..Dr. Mignon Fang was unbelievable and all the support group was most professional, personable and I plan on recommending the firm to all my family members as well as friends.
Windermere Dental Group
June 17, 2016
Katelyn B.
Great office! Everyone was upbeat and helpful. My only request is for a better x-ray process. I've experienced difficulty with the X-ray process at 3 different Pacific Dental locations. The Technician was really great and so was the woman that helped her. This issue is due to the need for a smaller device to bite on. The one used is too big for me to bite down on making the process take longer and I usually have to hold it in place with my hands. It's also extremely uncomfortable and often painful. Previously with other groups outside of Pacific Dental, I was offered a smaller size making the process significantly easier and more comfortable. Please invest in a different size!
Windermere Dental Group
June 16, 2016
Melissa P.
Windermere Dental Group
June 14, 2016
Daniel T.
It is never fun for me to go to the dentist. My current visit to Windermere Dental Group was about as pleasant as possible. The dentist was very responsive of my concerns and made an effort to make me comfortable and at ease.
Windermere Dental Group
June 3, 2016
The dental assistants treat you like family. You can feel the love and care.
Windermere Dental Group
May 26, 2016
Sharye F.
My dental hygienist for the cleaning was very personable, I really like her. I also am very satisfied with my Dentist, she is awesome, too.
Windermere Dental Group
April 28, 2016
Marcie P.
My overall experience here was positive, but due to two very bad previous experiences, I am apprehensive. Time will tell.
Windermere Dental Group
April 22, 2016
Erin B.
Very nice experience, best I have had at any dentist office.
Windermere Dental Group
April 6, 2016
Darchelle K.
Everyone at the office treated me with kindness and professionalism. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who decides needs a really great dental office. They have the latest and greatest technology and equipment too. The staff is great here and really treat you well here.
Windermere Dental Group
March 29, 2016
I have been to various dental offices in the past. But none compare to Windermere Dental Group. Exceptional service and care. Extremely satisfied.
Windermere Dental Group
March 15, 2016
Cynthia R.
I really don't like going to the dentist, but my experience was acceptional Thankyou so much!
Windermere Dental Group
March 15, 2016
Duane W.
the dental assistant (I think that would be the title) was very rough with the suction things. I thought a few times I was getting it shoved down my throat or poked and prodded with it at times.
Windermere Dental Group
March 10, 2016
Nicole P.
I've never had such personal interactions with a dentist. Dr. Nwanko listened to what I had to say and explained clearly and in full what was going on with my teeth. All of the staff were pleasant and attentive. The assistants made me feel confident that I was getting the best care.
Windermere Dental Group
February 16, 2016
Stewart G.
Great visit from the time I walked in until I left
Windermere Dental Group
February 6, 2016
Stephanie C.
Amazing experience! Dr. K and her staff were professional and friendly; the whole process was extremely comfortable and I didn't have one bit of stress!
Windermere Dental Group
January 21, 2016
Edna T.
Overall experience was greatly satisfied at the highest level. Not only was I treated with respect and care, but considering the work that was to take place, the staff was very helpful and caring that I didn't leave until I was satisfied with the procedure. I use to dread going to the dentist but now that I went and met the staff, I don't fear going back. Thank you to all the staff for making my visit the best that it could have been.
Windermere Dental Group
January 13, 2016
Samantha C.
It went really well. They were very understanding due to being late from traffic. We're very helpful and informative. I really appreciated the visit.
Windermere Dental Group
December 23, 2015
John P.
Windermere Dental Group
December 4, 2015
Billye F.
I was treated as an individual and treated well. The team effort was outstanding.
Windermere Dental Group
December 1, 2015
Darcy S.
When a patient tells you that the x-ray things don't fit their mouths , please just use the kid sized one. Because the large one really hurts & cuts my mouth. Thanks
Windermere Dental Group
November 21, 2015
Mostly recommended !!!
Windermere Dental Group
November 21, 2015
Bernadette B.
No problems at all ??
Windermere Dental Group
November 19, 2015
Sharye F.
Excellent Staff & Great work. I left my visit feeling like I had a clear plan moving forward & I was not in any pain during or after my treatment. I told my entire office the next morning to come see you guys if they ever need anything.