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Ladue Dental Group

8859 Ladue Road
Ladue, MO 63124
We are located at 170 and Ladue Road in Schnucks Ladue Crossing across from Barnes & Noble.

Mon9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tue7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wed9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Finding a dentist in Ladue that is dedicated to your dental care can be tough. From your first visit to Ladue Dental Group , we will work together in creating not only a great looking smile but provide a comfortable modern environment for you and your family.

Ladue Dental Group believes you deserve the best dentistry possible at the most affordable price. That is why Ladue Dental Group has invested so heavily into incredible time and cost saving technology that maximizes the quality you receive. While in the dental office, our digital x-rays and electronic dental records help dramatically reduce the initial costs of your treatment.

Ladue Dental Group offers an array of dental options and services, book your appointment today!

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Our Team
Christopher F. Dowling Bailey Walker Marileana García Corretjer Brittney Short
Rated 4 out of 5 smiles.
Ladue Dental Group
January 18, 2017
Linda M.
Thank you for working me in so quickly to have my crown put back in. Greatly appreciated!
Ladue Dental Group
January 17, 2017
A dental office game-changer--so happy to have landed at this practice, and look forward to subsequent visits and treatments.
Ladue Dental Group
January 13, 2017
Joseph G.
Everyone in the office was incredible courdual and caring.
Ladue Dental Group
January 12, 2017
Jacquelyn(jacq G.
Love the staff and feel confident I am getting the best dental care for my money
Ladue Dental Group
December 24, 2016
Crystal S.
As a new patient they were able to get me in for an appointment very quickly, and provided me with a great experience from the moment I walked in the door. Everyone was patient and sympathetic Bridget offered to hold my hand through my procedure if necessary. I'm so grateful I found them!
Ladue Dental Group
December 24, 2016
Nilesh D.
Good place and great doctors and staff!
Ladue Dental Group
December 23, 2016
Jamal B.
I give it a 10 being the highest. Very professional and timely.
Ladue Dental Group
December 15, 2016
Galen P.
Service was friendly and high quality, pricing was not only made clear prior to procedures, but also relatively affordable. This is all I expect of a dental office (but have so rarely experienced).
Ladue Dental Group
December 13, 2016
Jeannie B.
Nice first visit! Very professional office.
Ladue Dental Group
December 9, 2016
Siri H.
Everyone was supper nice. After so long with without a dental plan you guy made thing easy for me and judgement fre, thank you for that!
Ladue Dental Group
December 6, 2016
Rehan K.
Always a pleasant experience! I never dread a visit to the dentist
Ladue Dental Group
November 24, 2016
Abbie C.
Wonderful care
Ladue Dental Group
November 23, 2016
Sam H.
Extremely professional and welcoming staff. Have already recommended to many colleagues at work and will continue to do so. Dr. Dowling is a true professional and down to earth.
Ladue Dental Group
November 23, 2016
Richard(connor T.
Ladue Dental Group
November 15, 2016
Friendly staff. Dentist very knowledgeable. Environment-decor and machines, very high tech.
Ladue Dental Group
November 3, 2016
Sandra F.
Great staff!
Ladue Dental Group
October 26, 2016
Bridget, at front desk was professional, efficient and friendly. This was a great start especially since I was shopping for a new dentist and she answered all my questions and found an appointment time that was convenient. The tech/hygienist was absolutely incredible, very efficient and very pleasant. I especially appreciated the hygienist and the dentist telling me what was happening and why. I felt very safe and relaxed. Dr Walker is gentle and efficient. I understood charges and payment completely. The office is clean, bright and open. I will return in six months for my next check-up.
Ladue Dental Group
October 24, 2016
Very good!
Ladue Dental Group
October 18, 2016
My husband was very nervous and the team was very helpful and made him at ease
Ladue Dental Group
October 12, 2016
Morey G.
As a first time patient here, coming from a previous long time dentist who retired, it was nice to have modern x-ray equipment! Very friendly staff, knowledgable and very efficient, appointment started on time and took the right amount of time.
Ladue Dental Group
October 10, 2016
I had a very good experience with Ladue Dental Group. Everybody was very nice and professional.
Ladue Dental Group
October 5, 2016
Daniel R.
The whole process was effortless. I was done and on my way home quickly. Great job all!
Ladue Dental Group
September 28, 2016
Gail C.
You are a 21st century operation and I was very will be highly recommended by me!
Ladue Dental Group
September 17, 2016
Richard M.
Besides being pleasant and easy to work with, one other word to describe your staff is thorough. Each person is very thorough in doing their job which makes me all the more a happy client.
Ladue Dental Group
September 15, 2016
Glen V.
Everyone at LDG that I've met and interacted with have been great !! Best "dentist office" I've ever been to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ladue Dental Group
September 11, 2016
Celeste D.
Staff is very personable, everything was explained to me very well, I felt I got excellent care and I'm delighted I've found a replacement for my retired dentist that's close to home and takes my insurance.
Ladue Dental Group
September 9, 2016
Angelisa L.
So far, best dental office I have been to, the staff was all very polite and helpful. I feel they go above and beyond!
Ladue Dental Group
September 2, 2016
Bradley F.
Everybody super friendly. Dentist was amazing. Clean modern office with the latest dental technology.
Ladue Dental Group
August 25, 2016
Bryan K.
I am very impressed with the staff and office. The best Dentist office I have ever been to. . .
Ladue Dental Group
August 19, 2016
Charlene C.
I had a great first time experience
Ladue Dental Group
August 11, 2016
Gina S.
Was in and out in 40 min which is a record. Each staff member was very professional and I've never had a more thorough cleaning. Thanks!
Ladue Dental Group
July 29, 2016
Superb experience. My first visit there, and definitely my best dentist visit ever.
Ladue Dental Group
July 29, 2016
Ellen G.
Very good experience….particularly because I was able to get in so quickly within minutes of calling. I live minutes away so I was fit in immediately!
Ladue Dental Group
July 27, 2016
Jessica P.
It is not easy moving to a new city and needing to find new Dental Care. The entire staff at Ladue Dental made the anxiety ridden process effortless for me. Every single detail from the moment I was greeted coming in the door was wonderful, friendly and personal! I am so happy I went with my referral and saw them. I have found a new Dental Family here in St. Louis!
Ladue Dental Group
July 26, 2016
Pamela P.
I must admit I don't enjoy visiting the dentist, especially when I'm having issues, like this time. However, the staff were very accommodating and sensitive to my situation and provided the best results possible.
Ladue Dental Group
July 22, 2016
Jacquelyn(jacque) T.
I really like everyone there, they always treat me with respect and seem to care.
Ladue Dental Group
July 19, 2016
Vernette H.
Very clean, professional, and friendly office and staff.
Ladue Dental Group
July 13, 2016
Grant J.
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, took excellent care of all my dental needs.
Ladue Dental Group
July 12, 2016
Elizabeth G.
Meeting with the Doctor before anything had began was very nice. It put us at ease from the beginning. Everyone was so kind and patient. Thoroughly explained what was going to happen before hand. We (my husband and I) are so pleased that we joined your family.
Ladue Dental Group
July 12, 2016
David L.
Everyone was wonderful. Such a different experience than I had a week before at anothe dentist office.
Ladue Dental Group
July 6, 2016
Melanie J.
I was amazed at my comfort level during my visit at this facility. I am one of those patients that visits the dentist office for a cleaning here and there, or when it's an emergency because of a bad experience at a previous dental office. I never felt so comfortable at a dental appt. in my life, they all are great. The employees here are friendly, prompt and goes above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and making sure you understand your treatment plan and costs associated with each procedure.Awesome!
Ladue Dental Group
July 4, 2016
Ella W.
Ladue Dental Group
June 9, 2016
Lance G.
Extremely sat
Ladue Dental Group
June 4, 2016
Shamekia(meek) L.
Friendly and professional staff. Great experience.
Ladue Dental Group
June 3, 2016
Jarvis B.
Excellent experience at Ladue Dental Group.
Ladue Dental Group
May 17, 2016
Doris B.
Wonderful experience--was very happy with everyone. I am very glad that I found this group - not as close as the last dental group but well worth the extra drive. I will definitely recommend Ladue Dental.
Ladue Dental Group
May 10, 2016
Dr. Dowling is great. I especially recommend him for children. He is great with my 9 year old.
Ladue Dental Group
May 5, 2016
This was my first visit to the office and it was a great visit. Very organized, very professional and a very likable team.
Ladue Dental Group
May 3, 2016
William(bill) B.
My hygienist (Brittany?) was excellent, as well as the rest of the team. Only complaint was the length of the visit due to malfunctioning X Ray equipment
Ladue Dental Group
April 30, 2016
Ralph F.
I had a minor dental emergency come up and I was able to get an appointment that same afternoon. Dr. Dowling treated the problem and it seems to have been taken care of. Overall, the visit was quick and efficient.
Ladue Dental Group
April 22, 2016
Never felt so comfortable in a dentist office and I really dislike going to the dentist. The team did a fantastic job making me comfortable! Will definitely stick to this office!
Ladue Dental Group
April 21, 2016
Chloe E.
Everything about my visit was wonderful, however my only complaint would be the time. I saw several different people, and felt like the waiting period between each person took a while. It was my first visit so I expected it to take longer than just a normal cleaning but I do feel like an hour and fourty minutes was far too long to be there.- I would love to point out that Brittney, the hygienist was phenomenal.
Ladue Dental Group
April 12, 2016
Tonja C.
Awesome service my new dental home
Ladue Dental Group
March 22, 2016
Anita R.
Professional made going to the dentist fun. Look forward to my next visit
Ladue Dental Group
March 17, 2016
Ashley B.
What an amazing experience! This is a first class experience if there is such a thing when taliking about going to the dentist!
Ladue Dental Group
February 28, 2016
John L.
The dental team made my dental visit more than a pleasure to see them
Ladue Dental Group
February 21, 2016
Everyone at the office was friendly and personable. The the dentist and dental hygienist were knowledgeable and helpful.
Ladue Dental Group
February 20, 2016
This is not a comment about the office or staff, but if you are able to give comments about the x-ray mouth piece to the company who makes it, I would tell them that their mouth piece is too large to fit comfortably in the patient's mouth. While trying to get pictures of certain teeth, it was cutting into my gums, which hurt, and made them bleed once. Your technician was very nice and as helpful, the flaw was in the design of the mouthpiece itself.
Ladue Dental Group
February 18, 2016
Brent L.
This is very modern, personal dental group. My dentist was friendly, professional, and took time to make me feel like I was important. The staff overall was great, and so was the experience!
Ladue Dental Group
February 2, 2016
Wilfred(will) C.
Lawanda made me fill very relax and made me dental experience pleasurable.
Ladue Dental Group
January 27, 2016
Jennifer L.
The staff was very friendly and caring and the office was spotless. I did not feel rushed through my appoinment and every procedure was explained to me. They also offer a few financial options which is helpful if your insurance does not cover the cost.