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Oakland Park Modern Dentistry

1005 E Commercial Blvd
Oakland Park, FL 33334
We are located at the corner of E Commercial Blvd and Dixie Hwy, in the Northridge Shopping Center, next to Publix.

Mon8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wed10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Finding a dentist in Oakland Park that is dedicated to your dental care can be tough. From your first visit to Oakland Park Modern Dentistry , we will work together in creating not only a great looking smile but provide a comfortable modern environment for you and your family.

Oakland Park Modern Dentistry believes you deserve the best dentistry possible at the most affordable price. That is why Oakland Park Modern Dentistry has invested so heavily into incredible time and cost saving technology that maximizes the quality you receive. While in the dental office, our digital x-rays and electronic dental records help dramatically reduce the initial costs of your treatment.

Oakland Park Modern Dentistry offers an array of dental options and services, book your appointment today!

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Our Team
Katie Lozada-Flynn Melissa Errekart
Rated 5 out of 5 smiles.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
October 15, 2016
Carletta E.
Dr. Katie Losardo is an outstanding, patient, caring professional who I believe want to "do the right thing" in regards my overall dental care. She took the time to explain my care and my future care in very understandable terms. The entire staff provided exemplary customer service from the process of setting the appointment to completion of my visit. X-rays were taken by a very capable staff member, cleaning done by component hygienist, billing and payment discussion was good and doctor patient consultation exceptional. This is my new dental office for a long, long time.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
October 15, 2016
Zujeiry D.
Such a great team, love the way everyone made me feel ;)
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
October 12, 2016
Lori E.
Love love love
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
September 28, 2016
Everyone was very friendly and pleasant. The dentist was knowledgeable and had a pleasant bedside manner. I think it is unfortunate that this level of customer service has become necessary in today's world. All I need/want is a good dentist--someone qualified and experienced. All of the other things are largely unnecessary (the goody bag, financial counselor, etc). The patient is NOT always right and I wish that quality medical/dental care was still valued by society over customer service.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
September 27, 2016
Stefan B.
Dental team was amazing and the service I received was exceptional. One of the best dental visits I have had and I would surely recommend Oakland Park Modern Dentistry to anyone looking for great dental care service.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
September 27, 2016
Manuel C.
Very please with everyone I came in contact with. The personnel very professional and amazing. Kudos to you all !!!
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
September 27, 2016
Niurka C.
It was smooth and professional. Very cutting edge technology and extreme cleanliness .Personal very frendly and very keen to the detail, amazing job by everyone who dealt with me. Thank you !
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
September 21, 2016
Tara Q.
Loved seeing Dr. Lozada-Flynn for my teeth whitening. It was done in a quick, timely manner and she made me feel super comfortable through out the process. I definitely will be going back and referring my friends and family to see her. She made going to the dentist an enjoyable experience plus my teeth look great!
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
September 10, 2016
Lyvette N.
Best experience ever. I felt soo comfortable. I loved that the dentist a good a good rapport with her staff
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
September 9, 2016
Michelle M.
Everyone was very nice and professional.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
August 28, 2016
Barbara M.
Dr. Katie is just amazing so gentle. She is so understanding and values your concerns. It has been over ten years since I have had a dentist and their dental office staff be so amazing and caring. Erica was just a delight and professional.dr. katie is beyond amazing very professional down to 3arthritis makes you feel relaxed and truly cwre for her patients.the officer manager Melissa is just wondrrful. The whole staff is amazing. Abraham was gentle and pleasant overall you all did incredible job and I'm so thankful for all of you. THANK YOU FROM MY HEART FOR THE ALL YOU DO.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
August 16, 2016
Brian D.
Very pleased with this office! My former Dentist is Fired!
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
August 11, 2016
Tom M.
I hate going to see doctors and dentist but they made it very comfortable
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
July 22, 2016
Courtney A.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
July 21, 2016
Christian S.
I couldn't be happier with everything and everyone at this office. Everyone was professional, respectful and very competent. I plan to make Katie Lozada, DMD my permanent dentist.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
July 19, 2016
Debra H.
I have been trying to find a dentist that I liked and trusted. I think I have found both in Oakland Park Modern Dentistry.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
July 12, 2016
Lizette M.
the best dental experience I have EVER had. Everyone is extremely nice and professional. State of the Art equipment... very impressive!!! A TV in the room while the dentist/Hygienist were doing their work on me.... never have I had that option! They even offered me a blanket :-) By far the best cleaning I have ever had. The hygienist was gentle and at the same time thorough. My teeth felt brand new when I left. The Dentist was extremely informative and pleasant to speak with. By far the nicest dentist I have ever dealt with. The staff was very pleasant and helpful... all of them! It was an amazing experience and I am very impressed, to say the least. I will recommend this place to everyone I know.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
July 3, 2016
Gregory B.
This is a well trained staff. This was surprisingly a comfortable process and whomever trained these nice young people should be rewarded.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
July 2, 2016
Sibyl J.
Excellent experience!
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
June 18, 2016
Great staff fast service wonderful location. I love my dentist Dr. Lozada
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
June 17, 2016
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
June 10, 2016
Suzanne A.
A wonderful experience for a person terrified of dentists. Best experience since my childhood.
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
June 8, 2016
Zaida A.
Great experience , together with a great team!
Oakland Park Modern Dentistry
June 7, 2016
Elliott F.
Great team and the Denist was very professional, knowledgeable and did tremendous work!