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Serving Around the World Makes Us Smile

Smile Generation® Serve Day

To be a part of the community you need to be able to serve the community. Smile Generation Serve Day is held annually to provide free dental treatment to community members who do not otherwise have access to dental care. Smile Generation-trusted dental offices team up with local organizations and community partners, such as youth centers, nonprofit organizations and churches, to identify individuals in need of basic dental care. Patients receive anything from cleanings, exams and Digital X-rays to extractions and restorations. In the three years that Smile Generation Serve Day has been held, nearly $6 million in free dentistry has been provided. 

Serve Ethiopia

They say if you give a man a fish he can eat for a day, but if you can teach a man to fish he can eat for a lifetime. Smile Generation-trusted dentists and team members spend a week two times a year providing hands-on educational opportunities to dental students and free dentistry to the people in villages, churches, orphanages and health clinics. Through its partnership with Henry Schein Cares®, The Smile Generation has committed to providing Mekelle University in Ethiopia with the needed supplies and dental equipment to service the needs of the Ethiopian people.

KaBOOM! Playground Build

The Smile Generation believes in a healthy lifestyle and the importance of play, so once a year we get together with national
non-profit KaBOOM! to build a playground for a community in need. But that’s not all. Since we’re in the business of bringing smiles, we set up a mobile dental clinic and Smile Generation-trusted clinicians provide free dental services to the community. Thus far, we’ve successfully built four playgrounds in three states, putting permanent smiles on the faces of countless children and parents.

charity: water

800 million people around the world don’t have access to clean drinking water, and The Smile Generation has decided to help put a stop to this water crisis. Since 2009, The Smile Generation has raised over $1.96 million to bring more than 65,000 people in eight countries access to clean, safe water. We’ve seen first-hand the new-found freedom bestowed to a village that once had to spend almost an entire day’s time collecting water. Women can get jobs, spend more time with their families, and make a difference in their communities. Kids can get an education instead of walking for water. They can then graduate to become teachers, hygiene workers or business owners. Water changes everything.