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Silverdale Smiles Dentistry

11065 Pacific Crest Place NW
Silverdale, WA 98383
We are located in The Trails at Silverdale Shopping Center, on the corner of Clear Creek Rd NW and NW Greaves Way and next to Chipotle.

Mon10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tue9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wed10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thu9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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Finding a dentist in Silverdale that is dedicated to your dental care can be tough. From your first visit to Silverdale Smiles Dentistry , we will work together in creating not only a great looking smile but provide a comfortable modern environment for you and your family.

Silverdale Smiles Dentistry believes you deserve the best dentistry possible at the most affordable price. That is why Silverdale Smiles Dentistry has invested so heavily into incredible time and cost saving technology that maximizes the quality you receive. While in the dental office, our digital x-rays and electronic dental records help dramatically reduce the initial costs of your treatment.

Silverdale Smiles Dentistry offers an array of dental options and services, book your appointment today!

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Our Team
Jessica Ahn Hunter Simpson Steven Doyle Kenny Tran
Mariam Watkins Amanda Carter
Rated 4 out of 5 smiles.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
October 19, 2016
A great team and a great experience.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
October 17, 2016
Laurie H.
I was very comfortable with the staff from beginning to end of my appointment. Also, getting a crown all in a few hours was amazing!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
October 16, 2016
Alice S.
After seeing my previous wonderful dentist for 35 years, I was reticent about going somewhere else yet had to since he retired. Being on a fixed, challenged income made finding a dentist difficult and, quite frankly, I was scared I'd have to go somewhere where I wouldn't get good dental care. I found Silverdale Smiles online and called about the special new patient offer. I was encouraged by the clear, accurate, and friendly communication of the staff. This played out in my first visit as well. I felt a lot of confidence Dr. Simpson and in every member of his team. The x-rays, exam and cleaning were all performed efficiently and well. Because I live with a chronic pain condition that makes me feel more pain with the slightest provocation than most people, going to the dentist can sometimes be intimidating. Dr. Simpson and his staff were very gentle & considerate of my needs. I will return and have passed his info on to others. Thank you!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
October 15, 2016
Brett G.
absolutly impressed in all aspects
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
October 11, 2016
Nicole A.
I'm happy I found a great dentist office for my future
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
October 7, 2016
Elissa E.
I love coming here. Everyone is super nice, and I never have to wait too long. Dr. Simpson is great! He always explains everything, and educates you on the best way to take care of your teeth. Keep up the great work Silverdale Smiles!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
October 7, 2016
Renee H.
I have a great fear of dentists and have had very bad experiences before, but I needed immediate dental care. My dentist was so gentle and understanding. I ended up getting two teeth pulled (at 2 different times) and I felt no pain, at all during the procedure, but the dentist also let me know what he was doing every step of the way, I highly recommend this dentist, especially if you have a phobia of the dentist as I did.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
October 6, 2016
Melanie A.
As a difficult patient, who is generally very uneasy about dentistry, I feel this team is REALLY GREAT. They went the extra mile to help me get through all the procedures, never made me feel rushed or like I was taking too much of their time. I am very happy to have found such a kind, high quality, professional dentist and dental care team. I feel like they really listened, they were very gentle, helpful, and their treatment of me has alleviated much of my pre-existing anxiety. I would and will recommend them to anyone I hear of looking for a new dentist.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
September 28, 2016
Laura P.
Although it was VERY strange to me going to the dentist in a strip mall...once I got in and seated, they were absolutely fantastic!!! I'm glad I didn't go to an old school private practice! Thank you so much Silverdale Smile guys are AWESOME!...See you in 6 months!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
September 27, 2016
Adrian J.
I always feel well cared for and that I am getting all pertinent information. The entire team is friendly and proficient.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
September 24, 2016
Sterling S.
I am always impressed with the staff here, it feels like a family and they genuinely know you
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
September 23, 2016
Liset W.
Had a very good experience with the silverdale smile dentist If you're looking for a dentist I recommend going to the dentist they are amazing
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
September 21, 2016
Dennis W.
nice people, and the easiest root canal ive ever sat through.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
September 20, 2016
Harold B.
Excellent service, explanations, availability of appointments, care and professionalism!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
September 15, 2016
Paige U.
Great environment and great team! No longer afraid of the dentist! Yay!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
September 12, 2016
Shonne H.
My husband and I love Silverdale Smiles Dentistry. The team is so courteous and supportive and the dentist is the best one we have ever been to. Now that we are both retired, this fits our needs and our pocketbook perfectly.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
September 3, 2016
Michael M.
Understood my need and took care of me promptly and very well
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
September 3, 2016
Nick S.
the people are very friendly and professional
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
September 1, 2016
Robin L.
I especially appreciated kind staff and support during difficult time.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
August 30, 2016
Mike K.
Outstanding, start finish
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
August 24, 2016
Ramona L.
Amazed that after all the x-rays were completed I was offered same day service for a crown and filling. My crown is beautiful and my natural bite was restored after 5 years due to previews dental work. Excellent service at an affordable cost.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
August 19, 2016
Luke G.
Caring and accommodating team! They scheduled me promptly and stayed well past hours to accommodate my schedule!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
August 15, 2016
Visit was very professional and treatment options clearly presented.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
August 10, 2016
Dr was phenomenal... As was patient care coordinator/front desk. Hygienist seemed to be in a rush during the cleaning but did a great job with pictures
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
August 3, 2016
S. P.
The BEST! Dentistry at it's finest, everyone involved with this team is first class!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
July 23, 2016
David M.
It has been 15+ years since my last dental cleaning, and was very worried about the state of my teeth. Just on a walk-in whim, I can't believe how professional, informative, and respectful the entirety of the staff was. I have already referred 2 people. And can't express the gratitude or happiness in the treatment that I received. 5/5 isn't enough!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
July 21, 2016
Dennis W.
Dr Simpson is one of only 2 dentists in 30 years that has made my experience comfortable enough for me to be willing to return for another visit... Good job.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
July 16, 2016
Tom S.
Very good !
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
July 2, 2016
Ian S.
My experience here was far better than I could have imagined. Going to the dentist never sounds fun but everyone here made it very enjoyable. Everyone was very friendly and they made everything easy. I look forward to my next visit!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
June 30, 2016
Heather W.
Amazing staff, friendly and kind. I have extremely bad dental anxiety and they made it comfortable and worry less.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
June 24, 2016
Jane P.
Appreciate the caring service and the use of highest quality technology.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
June 23, 2016
Robin S.
I am grateful to find a team of people that have organized the dental process so thoroughly, with care and consideration to patient care and exceptional outcome without condemnation or judgment. The options are incredible, all from a knowledgeable team of professionals. I think more people would seek dental care if they knew they would not be condemned for previous lack of dental care. I am grateful for this office and would recommend it to everyone.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
June 2, 2016
Edward N.
I would use these words to describe my first dental visit with the amazing staff at Silverdale Smiles Dentistry: Awesome, painless, quirky, funny, and I really wasn't expecting a whole lot since most Dentists are pretty dull.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
May 25, 2016
Elizabeth B.
I was very pleased with the experience. The only thing that annoyed me was the very loud waiting room with sound coming from both the TV and the music system and no table to set my water glass..
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
May 25, 2016
Great place! The Dentist was awesome!!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
May 24, 2016
Mark B.
I love this dentist and tell everyone I know that this is the best place in Silverdale!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
May 15, 2016
Melena Y.
Dr. Simpson and staff made a great team, the office dynamics were certainly on point. I was seen promptly, the staff was friendly, efficient and professional. I enjoyed the clean and visually aesthetic atmosphere. There was fun music playing, pretty murals on the wall facing each chair and the option of watching tv during your service. I loved that they offer you a blanket if you're cold! Overall, I had a great, one of a kind experience at Silverdale Smile and I highly recommend them for all of your dental needs!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
May 4, 2016
Norman P.
My visit and my dentist and staff were amazing!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
May 4, 2016
Kathleen K.
Extremely satisfied with everything at my new dentist's office.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
May 4, 2016
Rodolfo E.
I am very satisfied overall experience with Silverdale Dentistry and they are doing excellent and outstanding job. Overall my visit was excellent and
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
May 3, 2016
Everyone was super nice. Made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Simpson was really nice and gental.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
April 21, 2016
Joseph S.
Hunter was AWSOME!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
April 15, 2016
Bill W.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
March 29, 2016
Elizabeth P.
I came in nervous and my dental assitant Becca was so great in keeping me calm. Her affectious cheerfulness and entertaining and honest conversation kept me occupied that I didn't have time to think about anything "scary". Dr. Simpson explained everything he was doing in a way that was very easy to understand and didn't move forward with anything(even my cleaning) without my agreement. It was so comforting knowing I was in charge of all decisions being made during my appointment and felt no judgement for anything I didn't want to do. By the time I left, the office felt like home! I'm so thankful for all the staff who took the time to get to know me and help me relax! I will definitely be a returning patient. Thanks again!!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
March 17, 2016
Evan T.
I used to hate going to he dentist but I think you guys have changed my mind! Thanks again for everything! I will be back soon! And I will be telling all my friends to come see you guys!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
March 16, 2016
John G.
We had an outstanding experience! We look forward to return to complete our treatment plans. :)
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
March 13, 2016
Sterling S.
They were incredibly kind and took great care of my teeth.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
March 11, 2016
Mary V.
Don't change a thing !
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
March 5, 2016
Leanne S.
Would have been helpful to let me know what to expect for the length of time needed for the appointment.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
March 4, 2016
Justine J.
I am so happy with my care,i had a fear of dentist's and now i dont!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
February 27, 2016
Tonya H.
Very happy with my results!! See you in 6 months
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
February 19, 2016
My husband and I would highly recommend Silverdale Smiles Dentistry. Exceptional treatment in every aspect of our visit!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
February 17, 2016
The dentist was quite busy, he and his staff kept me informed. I liked the end of the day appointment. They staff gave me copies of all my paper work, Including Hippa etc. And I know what my cost in the future might look like.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
February 16, 2016
Lawrence C.
From the beginning of enrollment to completion of my visit, I was very impressed with the new modern technology offered. They made me understand every step of the procedure and made me feel comfortable. Thank you so much in taking my pain away. The staff was awesome and friendly. Thank you!!!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
February 13, 2016
Barbara M.
Very happy, had a great experience!
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
February 4, 2016
Shelley N.
Everyone in the office was wonderful and friendly. Dr Simpson was great and very compassionate.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
February 3, 2016
Mark M.
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
January 20, 2016
Josh M.
The doc went out of his way to make it easy for me and his staff Awesome Doctor They allowed me to brush before I was seen that was a small task but it meant a lot to me
Silverdale Smiles Dentistry
January 19, 2016
William B.
great staff