Kyle Guerin

Kyle Guerin

Executive Director, We Serve

About the Author

Kyle Guerin is the Director of the PDS Foundation® & Corporate Social Responsibility at Smile Generation®. He is passionate about creating a positive culture of service and helping others. Since 2009, he has raised funds to get clean drinking water to over 157,000 people, led the building of 16 KaBoom playgrounds, spearheaded the annual Smile Generation Serve Day to provide $25 million in donated dental service, and organized over 20 dental mission trips to underserved populations around the world.

As a member of the Smile Generation Content Team, Kyle enjoys helping to spread awareness about the most recent charitable outreach opportunities at PDS, inspiring our audience to give back and have a positive impact on our global community.


Kyle received his MBA from Vanguard University of Southern California. Prior to that, he attended Michigan State University and earned a bachelor's degree in marketing. He is a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and the MSU Marketing Association.

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