A question was posed to us recently on Twitter: "How do Smile Generation®-trusted dentists ease anxiety in younger patients?". This issue is certainly not unique to this individual alone. There are many of us who suffer from crippling anxiety when the topic of visiting the dentist comes up. We asked one of the best we know, Dr. Eric Ellis of Every Kid’s Dentist, what techniques he uses to ease anxious dental patients.

Dr. Ellis states:

It is normal to have anxiety as a child, and even as an adult. We use many methods to soothe the anxious child, depending on the level of severity.

If it’s mild anxiety, our pediatric dentists’s additional training comes into play, as we are trained to focus solely on the well being of children. Our offices have light music playing, arcades and toys in the waiting room, child-size chairs and ceiling mounted TVs above the dental chairs. Most importantly, our office staff strives to provide the most comfortable dental visit possible for every child.

Upon examination, those patients with more severe anxiety may be offered in-office conscious sedation or IV anesthesia, with the ultimate goal of successful bi-annual visits without sedation.

Dr. Ellis is a pediatric dentist working out of Arizona. Pediatric specialist dentists receive 2-3 extra years of schooling in pediatric dentistry after graduating general dentistry school. Dr. Ellis is a multiple-office owner dentist at Smile Generation-trusted offices Norterra Dental Group and Orthodontics in Phoenix, Laveen Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics in Laveen and Every Kid’s Dentist in both Phoenix and Laveen.

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