Fun Facts About Animal Teeth

We might be biased since we know so many great dentists, but we think teeth are fascinating! (No matter if they’re people or animal teeth!) Teeth aren’t the same for everyone, though. For example, mammals are the only group that has baby teeth that are replaced with adult teeth. This month we thought it would be fun to look at all the interesting teeth in the animal kingdom!


Did you know the large horn on the heads of these whales is actually a tooth? Scientists aren’t sure what the tooth is for, but they think it helps narwhals sense changes in their environment and find food!1


You’ve probably already guessed that elephant tusks are two of their teeth, but did you know they could have six sets of molars through their lives? As their teeth wear down, they fall out and new ones will take their place. Adult elephant teeth are over eight inches long and can weigh more than eight pounds!2


These cute mammals don’t use their teeth to chew food. Instead, dolphins use their teeth as antennae for echolocation–meaning, they help them know exactly where objects are. Imagine how much easier it would be to find your keys if humans could do this!3


If you’ve ever seen a beaver’s teeth, you know they’re orange. This strange color comes from iron that helps keep their teeth strong enough to gnaw on all those trees. Beaver teeth also continue to grow throughout their lives. They have to chew on trees and twigs to keep their teeth from getting too long.4


Bet you didn’t expect to see these garden-dwellers on the list. Despite their tiny size, the average snail has over 14,000 teeth! Their teeth might be small, but they are stronger than titanium–leaves never stood a chance.5

Do you have any fun animal teeth facts?