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Each year on Earth Day people gather all over the world to take action toward preserving our planet. In honor of the holiday, we made a list of our favorite ways to be kind to the environment and our wallets.

  1. Power Down: Unplugging devices and turning power-strips off at night will save electricity.
  2. Ditch Disposable: Swapping disposable water bottles for reusable versions can save hundreds of dollars a year and thousands of bottles.
  3. Make it reusable: Sure paper rinsing cups are convenient, but they stack up fast. Save money and the environment by choosing reusable options.
  4. Save Paper: Technology has made going paperless easier than ever. When digital isn’t an option, recycling can reduce the impact of paper products. The same goes for napkins, switching to cloth can save big money each year!
  5. Move more: Walking and bike riding are great for your body and help reduce carbon emissions!
  6. Get Gardening: Not only will plants make your home and office look beautiful, they can help filter the air!

Did you know our Smile Generation®-trusted offices started their green effort a few years ago by minimizing in-office waste? They utilize Digital X-rays and have been making major reductions in paperwork. Digital X-rays produces less radiation and no prints means less waste, so they’re better for you and the environment!

This year, The Smile Generation® and our trusted offices are trying to make ourselves a little more environmentally friendly! How are you celebrating Earth Day?