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Unfortunately, this also means our routines are flipped upside down.Between all the different activities, travel, different sleep schedules, and parents trying to work life can be hectic. My patients will often tell me they have not been focusing as much on brushing and flossing because summer life is so busy. It’s understandable, but there is more and more proof that this isn’t just bad for our teeth. Research shows there is a direct correlation between our oral health and other conditions in the body.

Research shows us that people who report brushing less frequently are not only more likely to have periodontal disease, but are also at 70% greater risk of heart disease when compared to those who brush twice a day. (British Medical Journal, 2012) This is part of what we refer to this as the Mouth-Body Connection. I have committed myself to learning more on this connection and to educating my patients in order to help them be healthier and happier overall. My intention with sharing this information is to create awareness that our mouths and our bodies are connected, and I as a dentist am often on the first lines to be aware of conditions in my patients. Oral health is important and does not just stay in your mouth. I as a dentist can help you.

As this summer ramps up and you get engulfed in the business of life, I have a challenge for you.

I would like to challenge everyone to take the time to focus on their oral health this summer. Use the nicer weather and longer days to get moving and be healthier overall. Contribute to your health by brushing twice a day and flossing or using interdental picks at least once a day.

Also, please remember to see your dentist and to be open to what they have to say. Dentists are on the front lines of the Mouth-Body Connection, and we have tests and treatments that can help. And as health providers, we have your total body health in the forefront of our minds. If you haven’t seen your dentist in 6 months, make that appointment! Take the step toward a healthier and happier you!

For more information on the Mouth-Body Connection, you can visit my website at and click “Learn More” in the Know Your Mouth-Body Connection area.

Ashley Spooner, DDS