Jessica Thurstin

Jessica Thurstin

Multi-Office Manager


I will help you become familiar with your benefits and understand how we can best make your benefits work for you. I want you to feel comfortable asking about your dental insurance.

Patient Impact

One of my favorite moments in dental management is when I can help patients understand their benefits, and they realize they owe less than what they were thinking, especially when it comes to explanations of benefits!


My favorite movie is The Goonies. My favorite books are From the Corner of His Eye, Ready Player One, and Ready Player Two. I love watching crime dramas and comedy tours. I also enjoy glamping!

Volunteer/Service Experience

Feed My Starving Children


I have been working in the dental management field since 2017. I love every aspect of my job because there is always something new to learn. I am happily married and have two girls. I love to read, watch movies, and sing and dance in the kitchen with my kids.