Mounu Nakayama

Mounu Nakayama

Multi-Office Manager


We will do everything in our power to make you feel at home in our office. We want you to leave here feeling that you had not just a great dental experience, but an amazing life experience as well.

Patient Impact

A patient called us in pain the day before Thanksgiving. I told her to come in immediately. She cried when she left, telling us we were the 11th dental office she called, but the only office who told her to come in immediately. She is now a patient for life.


I love, love, love going with my family back to the islands, Hawai'i and Tonga

Volunteer/Service Experience

Las Vegas Lil Rebels Non-Profit Youth Softball Organization


I have worked in dental management since 2017, fresh out of retail. I love to travel with my family, both domestically and internationally, but weekend getaways with my husband (and without the kids) are some of the best.


2018 Customer Service Excellence Award from Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce