Kristen Copas

Kristen Copas

Office Manager


I love working with the team of doctors at Monuments Dentists and Orthodontics. They truly care about the patient's experience from the initial phone call to scheduling their next appointment. My goal is to help patients navigate their insurance and financing options. I love creating long-lasting relationships with my patients.

Patient Impact

I know how vulnerable it feels to be in a dentist chair. My front two teeth are crowns, and I have multiple fillings and an onlay. I also cannot sleep without my nightguard. I truly sympathize with the patients who walk in the door. This is a nonjudgmental environment where you will want to share your smile.


I love listening to leadership books: Mindset, Leaders Eat Last, The Four Agreements, and Dare to Lead. I am always looking for more if you have any suggestions. I love snorkeling, and I would live under water if I could.


I have lived in the Colorado Springs area since 2007. I was a military brat, and my dad served for 22 years in the Air Force. I am happily married and have two fur babies. We love hanging out with car groups, going for long cruises, and enjoying authentic Mexican food.


Graduated summa cum laude