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Smile Generation MyChart: Why You Should Be Using it to Manage Your Care

Written By : Generations of Smiles Writers

Reviewed By : Charles Rodgers, DDS

Published: Jul 11, 2022

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Here at Smile Generation, we love technology and how it makes things that were clunky or cumbersome in an analog world efficient and easy in the digital world. So, we adopted an electronic health record system to provide an enhanced healthcare experience. Our patient portal, Smile Generation MyChart, provides you with secure online access to manage your oral and overall health 24/7.

What is MyChart, and Why is it So Important?

Smile Generation MyChart is a one-stop, secure patient portal. It makes it easy to do things associated with your dental care at your Smile Generation-trusted office. You can complete your health history, sign consents, schedule and view appointments, message your care team, pay your bill and confirm you are coming to your dental appointment. 

Smile Generation MyChart has many benefits to your patient experience. Here, you can see after-visit summaries for each appointment, and even request and view xrays. You also have access to test results and doctor’s comments. Plus, it provides an easy and direct line of communication with your dental team.

What Can Smile Generation MyChart Do?

Smile Generation MyChart has several excellent features that should elevate your experience here with us. For example, our eCheck-in functionality eliminates the need to sit in our waiting room with a clipboard in your lap filling out forms. Instead, you can complete forms online in the comfort of your home (read: on your couch, in pajamas, with or without a glass of wine).

In addition, you can schedule appointments, manage your personal and insurance information, message us with your questions, and make your payment.  And did we mention that you can access it from your desktop or mobile device?
You might be surprised to learn that our platform integrates with medical offices’ versions of MyChart. With a simple linking process, you can view your complete health record from both the dentist and your doctor in one place. If you need to request a prescription, communicate with the doctor, access test results, or even check your upcoming appointments, that information is only one MyChart login away.  

This access to your medical and oral healthcare records is essential for managing your whole-body health or what we call the Mouth-Body Connection®. Smile Generation practices are the only dental offices using this medically integrated platform.

Infographic: access to your medical and oral healthcare records is essential for managing your whole-body health

How Should You Use Smile Generation MyChart?

In the past, you probably had some inconveniences associated with your dental care experience. Maybe you are waiting for a call or letter to view the results of a test. Perhaps you needed your latest COVID-19 Vaccine dates and had to scroll through a hundred photos to find the vaccination card photo you took on your phone. Ever use Google to get answers to your medical questions, only to find your minor symptom is a cancer diagnosis and then lay awake all night waiting to call the doctor in the morning? Not awesome.
Smile Generation MyChart fixes a lot of these inconveniences. You can view results and doctor’s comments in the comfort of your home, but you can also get your medical questions answered. Plus, you can view details of past and upcoming appointments, no phone call (or hold time) required.
Infographic: communicate with the doctor, access test results, or even check your upcoming appointments, only with MyChart

Smile Generation MyChart Features:

Getting the most out of your Smile Generation MyChart account means using our various features to get answers. Here are a few of the ways we have improved your interactions with your Smile Generation dental team:
  • Schedule and Manage Appointments: You are always welcome to book your appointment on the phone or online. However, once you’ve activated Smile Generation MyChart, you can easily navigate to book a new appointment or manage an existing one whenever and wherever you are.
  • eCheck-in: Saving time in the waiting room is a tremendous improvement that the platform provides. You can check in to your appointment online up to 30 days in advance. Access eCheck-in from your reminder email, the Smile Generation MyChart homepage, or the visits tab. You will update personal information, fill out a questionnaire and health history form, tell us about your allergies, health concerns and other medications, and sign necessary disclosures and releases. You might recognize these as the forms that used to come on the clipboard. We encourage you to complete eCheck-in at least three days before your appointment. 
  • Message with your care team: The secure patient portal allows you to communicate directly with us online, view test results, and view doctor comments. Use the MyChart home page shortcut tab by clicking on messages to send and receive communications from your Smile Generation dental team. 
  • Proxy Access: It’s easy to set up access to your family’s health records on their behalf. For children or adults, select “Request Proxy Access” from the Smile Generation MyChart login page. Adults can also invite you from their account. They will have the chance to indicate how much access you have when they send the invitation. Then, once you receive it, click the link, and enter their date of birth to complete the process.
  • Link to existing MyChart accounts:  Smile Generation-trusted offices now utilize the same electronic health record system as many medical providers. If  your medical team offers MyChart, you can easily link them together and manage your oral and overall health in one place. To link your MyChart accounts, use your Smile Generation MyChart login, and search for Link accounts. You will see other organizations that use MyChart and can add your other accounts with the Discover other accounts prompt box. Click on the account icon, and hit the link account button.

How to Get Started with Smile Generation MyChart

Smile Generation MyChart activation

Setting up your Smile Generation MyChart accounts is an easy, three-step process. First, have your office send you a link via email or text (whichever you prefer). Follow the link to set up your username and password, and your account will be activated instantly. If you have an activation code, but no link, visit and select “Sign up now”. If you don’t have an activation code or link, you can request one online by filling out the form at

Once we verify it’s you, we’ll activate your account. After that, you can start using all the features, including linking the account to your medical MyChart and setting up your proxy access to family members’ accounts. 
Some of you might already have a Smile Generation MyChart account set up but maybe aren’t using it as much as you should or forgot how. This short video (seriously, under three minutes) can show you how it works.
The Smile Generation MyChart app can increase your access to managing your oral healthcare with mobile devices. With the app, you can even receive push notifications with updates about your care right to your smartphone.

Want to get started with your Smile Generation MyChart account? Contact your local smile generation-trusted office to get an invite email or text. Already have an account? Try downloading the app for more access from wherever, whenever.


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