Tooth pain often indicates an oral health problem. See your dentist to determine what is causing yours - and get relief.


Why You Should See a Dentist If You Have a Toothache


Moving beyond the obvious point that a dentist CAN HELP THE PAIN GO AWAY, a toothache can be a sign of a more serious problem. There are many toothache causes. Some are minor oral health problems and some are serious. Your experienced dentist knows what helps tooth pain and can determine the reasons for the toothache in your case and deliver effective toothache treatment.


Food or Debris Between Teeth

two teeth side by side

Inflammation in the Root or Gums

Inflammation or infection in the root of a tooth

Trauma or Injury to the Tooth

cracked tooth

Fracture or Split in the Tooth

fractured tooth

Tooth Eruption Complications

Tooth erupting
Woman smiling tongue out brown background

Treatment Options If You Have a Toothache


Dental professionals have several ways to treat whatever condition is causing your toothache pain. From treating infection to placing fillings or dental crowns to performing root canals or extractions, your dental team know what to do for toothache relief.


Emergency Dentistry

Some toothache symptoms are caused by conditions that need immediate attention before they progress to something more severe.

X-Rays and Imaging

Advanced, proven technology can help your dentist see what is happening with your oral health that could cause your tooth pain.

Tooth decay is the primary cause of toothaches in kids and grown-ups, 2018

Sedation Dentistry

If you have extreme dental anxiety or need more involved toothache treatment, this can ensure that you are comfortable.


For cases where the tooth cannot be saved, your dentist can remove the tooth causing your pain and treat any remaining infection in the surrounding gums.

Same-Day Dentistry

Using advanced, proven technology, we can provide many dental treatments, including inlays, onlays or crowns, that relieve toothache pain on the day of your visit.


When Is Tooth Pain Serious?

If you are experiencing a toothache or persistent intermittent tooth pain, it is critical see a dentist to address the issue. Schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: a toothache that lasts longer than one or two days, severe tooth pain, or a fever, earache, or pain upon opening your mouth wide. These symptoms may indicate a more serious dental issue that requires professional treatment. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the worse the problem may become.

Illustration of a calendar with a dentist appointment

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Don’t put up with a toothache. Schedule an appointment for toothache treatment and learn about your options for relieving tooth pain to get started on your journey to a healthier mouth. Contact us to book a consultation today.


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