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New Dental Technology: CEREC, CBCT & VELscope

Written By : Generations of Smiles Writers

Reviewed By : Charles Rodgers, DDS

Published: Feb 10, 2023

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Dental professionals search for and develop new technological ways to advance modern dentistry. This approach includes perfecting treatment methods and improving the tools used daily in their practice.

What Does Modern Dentistry Mean?

Modern dental care involves technological advancements in the field to best suit the needs of patients. Dental professionals implement technology to enhance the quality of patient treatment while decreasing the time each appointment takes.

What Are the Latest Technologies in Dentistry?

Dentistry is no different than other professions with regard to technology. Here are some of the ways new dental technology is making a positive difference for patients:


Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, more commonly referred to as CEREC, is a technology in which dentists create and place porcelain restorations faster than ever. Dental crowns were a two-week process to create and install. Using the CEREC crown method, porcelain crowns can be completed in only one appointment.


Cone-beam computed tomography, also known as CBCT, is a variation of a computed tomography system. Dentists rotate these systems around the patient. A CBT scan captures data through a cone-shaped X-ray beam. Dental professionals use this data to reconstruct three-dimensional images. The images they recreate cover several sections of a patient’s anatomy. Specifically included are:

  • Teeth
  • Mouth
  • Jaw
  • Neck
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Throat
Dentists and radiologists use CBCT systems to help with planning dental implants, abnormal teeth visualization, cleft palate assessment, and evaluating the face and jaws. It is also used to diagnose cavities, root canals, and dental trauma.
CBCTs provide a fast, non-invasive way to obtain answers to multiple dental issues. They are also used to diagnose, treat, and evaluate specific conditions. However, dental CBCT exams deliver a higher radiation dose than those found in a typical dental X-ray.
Velscope. A Velscope detects early-stage cancer


Dentists shine a VELscope into a patient’s mouth to detect any medical abnormalities. It effectively detects early-stage cancer or premalignant dysplasia during an oral exam. Oral cancer can develop in the mouth, gums, tongue, cheeks, lips, hard palate, throat, and tonsils.

A traditional oral exam uses reflected light only. VELscope “allows the direct visualization of tissue fluorescence which complements and expands upon the view obtained by reflected light.”

Using reflected light and VELscope together enhances the examination quality and decreases the chance of overlooking a serious pathology.


This new tool allows dentists to detect cavities in spots that a normal X-ray won’t find. The device is a small, portable laser. It allows a dentist to find dental imperfections long before they are detectable by typical methods. As a result, dentists can now treat cavities in their earliest stages.
DIAGNOdent is another tool at a dentist’s disposal to enhance cavity detection, thus, eliminating potential future procedures, including filling cavities.

Ozone Therapy

This therapy type uses ozone in a fast and painless manner to eliminate tooth decay. Ozone is effective at killing bacteria and fungi. It serves as another preventative method a dentist can use to eliminate tooth decay before it progresses.


Invisalign straightens teeth using clear, plastic braces. The braces are practically invisible and use gentle pressure on teeth to improve your smile. They also remove easily for cleaning and, unlike braces, don’t inhibit eating certain foods.

sparkly clear aligner


Isolate is a mouthpiece designed for long dental procedures. It allows the mouth to comfortably remain in an open position. Isolate also pillows the tongue. It includes a functioning light to assist the dentist to perform the work.

What is the Future in Dentistry?

Dental care of the future will continue to develop new technologies that will revolutionize dentistry. Innovation will affect how dentistry is practiced in the office and how patients care for their teeth at home. Such advances will include teledentistry, smart toothbrushes, artificial intelligence, and 3D-printed prostheses.

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