A Force for Good by Giving Back

Thank you Smile Forward

A movement can be defined as a group of people working together to advance their shared ideas. But in order to power a movement, you need a force. A force strong enough to create change. In 2021, with your partnership, Smile Generation became a force, a force for GOOD, that powered a healthier, happier movement.

Smile Generation is proud of our network of trusted dentists across the country who care about helping people in their local communities and around the world. There are hundreds of benefits to those on the receiving end but serving others can have a powerful impact on the hearts and minds of those actually serving. Families grow stronger, bonds grow tighter, and friendships become firmer—all while communities in general (and smiles in particular) grow healthier and happier.

2021 WeServe Partnerships

With your partnership, the Smile Generation:

  • Partnered with charity: water to bring clean, safe drinking water to 19,000 people
  • Strolled 2,402 miles with the PDS Foundation to advocate for inclusive oral health care
  • Raised half a million dollars for the PDS Foundation to advance special needs dentistry
  • Created educational videos and resources on inclusive oral health care for caregivers and Special Olympics athletes
  • Brought smiles and space for play as we built our 16th playground with KaBOOM!
  • Served over 36,000 hours of volunteer time to create healthier, happier communities on Smile Generation Serve Day

We understand what it means to be a Force for Good and at Smile Generation, we know the positive effects that helping the community has on our health. Studies have shown that social purpose can reduce stress and improve mental health. Acts of social purpose are shown to reduce inflammation, infectious disease, and obesity. Thanks to the Mouth-Body Connection® we know that inflammation is the root cause of all major diseases. Both social purpose and oral health have a direct link to our overall health!

Smiling Forward and its Effect

When we Smile Forward, we show our commitment to serving others and sharing smiles. As we look back over the past year, we can truly smile forward as we consider the results. The change you created in 2021 will last for generations to come. Thousands of children will have access to clean, safe drinking water—and in turn, enjoy better health and greater opportunities in life. People with a wide variety of special needs will have greater access to better dental care—which will lead to improved overall health in multiple ways. Generations of children will enjoy a safe place to play that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

We all know that there is power in numbers. When we come together as a force for good, when we power a movement, we all know that extraordinary things can happen. The organizations we are serving with and the patients receiving care are healthier and happier, but we, the volunteer, are also healthier and happier. This is why it is so important to serve our communities. So, thank you for joining our force for good, and creating a lasting impact in 2021. We can’t wait to see what our force for good can do in 2022!