Bringing World Class Dentistry to the Islands

Written By : Generations of Smiles Writers

Published: Jul 13, 2011

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The Smile Generation team is bringing smiles to Natuvu in the Fiji Islands. The dental mission team includes Kyle Guerin, We Serve Manager, Dr. Ashleigh Harrison of Cherry Creek Modern Dentistry (Glendale, CO), Dr. Kelsey Majors of Arvada Modern Dentistry (Arvada, CO), Dr. Tanisha Jackson of Redlands Dental Group (Redlands, CA), Samantha Adams, Regional Manager of Arizona, and Tim Bair, Director of Human Resources. According to the Mission at Natuvu Creek and the Tooma Family: “When mission groups leave Fiji, they will often make a gift of their non‐essential clothing to the impoverished local people. We made a practice of this until one trip Marta’s bags were lost in transit. The local people made a gift to her of their best outfits, for many their only nice one. Rather than giving out of their surplus, the Fijians gave their very best. Our desire was to build a clinic, not just to meet the basic needs of the people, but to build a world class facility, an extravagant gift to the people of Fiji that is a reflection of the extravagance of God’s love."
According to Kyle, We Serve Manager: “When we first met Marta and learned of her work at the Mission we fell in love with the concept of serving with your best. The docs try to do that every day in their practices and now we get the chance to expand on that to the wonderful people of Fiji. We’re all really excited for this incredible experience.”
From July 18th to July 21st, the Smile Generation is bringing the gift of smiles on a dental mission serving the people of Fiji.
Here’s a short video from The Mission at Natuvu Creek
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