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Kids love gifts, adults love gifts, pretty much everyone loves gifts. Some people love to give them, others love to get them. We attend parties and bring gifts, we visit other people's homes and we bring gifts. We send gifts through the mail, we give gifts online. Some gifts make us laugh, some gifts make us cry. Some gifts we've waited a lifetime for while others, we wonder what we are going to do with them. Gifts are a part of our lives but how often do they really change a life? 

This month the Smile Generation-trusted offices and their patients through the non-profit organization, charity:water were able to dramatically change the lives of over 20,500 people through the campaign "Give time. Give water. Give Hope." Imagine a gift that allowed you to no longer drink water that made you sick. Imagine a gift that cut down the travel time to clean water from 3 hours to 20 minutes. Hours are given back to your day. Imagine a gift that provided hope to your family for generations, their children won't know what it's like to live without clean, safe, drinking water. What an incredible gift!

Thank you to everyone that supported charity:water and partnered with the Smile Generation to provide an incredible gift to so many. Your generosity and kindness will change lives for generations to come.  

This blog post was contributed by Kyle Guerin, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility.