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Give Water. Give Health.

Give Water, Give Health Charity Water Fundraiser

Life around the world has changed because of COVID-19. We've been socially distanced, we wear masks wherever we go, and we've become much better at washing our hands, although we probably should have been better at this even before the pandemic. But what happens if you don't have clean water to wash your hands. What happens if you don't have clean water to drink? The Smile Generation has been partnering with the non-profit charity: water since 2009 to bring clean and safe drinking water around the world. 

If you've never heard of charity: water, they are a non-profit organization who believe in a world where everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water. 100% of all donations go directly towards funding water projects. They prove their work by showing the projects you helped fund with photos and GPS.

I've had the privilege of traveling to Ethiopia 16 times and have seen countless villages where people are lacking the most basic resource of water. I've heard them share stories of traveling for hours for water that makes them sick. Stories of losing family members to illness because of drinking the dirty water. I've met young girls who can't go to school because they spend all of their time collecting water. 

I've also been a part of some of the coolest celebrations, witnessing villages being transformed because they now have access to water. Kids in school, people becoming healthier and happier, and bringing hope to people who were hopeless. I've met children in villages who are the first generation that will not know what it's like to be without water. This is something we take for granted. I personally have never known what it's like to be without water. 

Now we have the chance to help bring even more than water, we can bring hope and better health. During the COVID-19 pandemic water is more important than ever before.

Since 2009, The Smile Generation has provided 192,000 people access to clean and safe drinking water. We invite you to join us again this year by contributing online or visiting any Smile Generation trusted office. Visit to find your local Smile Generation trusted office. For a $30 donation, you can help make someone healthier. With that donation, we'll provide you $100 off your dental treatment, making you healthier and happier in the process. It's a win-win.

Smile Generation and charity: water would love to hear from you. Share a picture of you making your donation and tag @smilegeneration @charitywater. Let's work together to create a world where everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water.