The Smile Generation Partners with Special Olympics International to raise funds for Special Smiles


The Smile Generation is proud to announce it is partnering with Special Olympics International to raise funds for Special Smiles, which provides comprehensive oral health care information to participating Special Olympics athletes. Oral health impacts every athlete’s ability to train and compete, especially Special Olympics athletes who experience greater health risks. Individuals with intellectual disabilities often have limited access to community health services and interventions. Special Olympics Special Smiles examinations have found that an alarming percentage of athletes are unaware of the condition of their oral health; 46% have signs of gingivitis, 37% have untreated tooth decay, 15% have mouth pain and 14% received an urgent dental referral.1,2

Smile Generation-supported dentists and clinicians will have the opportunity to connect with Special Olympics athletes, as well as individuals with intellectual disabilities to deliver life-changing dental care. The Smile Generation is also working to raise awareness in the dental community of oral health concerns of people with special needs, including difficulties involved in accessing dental care.


To learn more about our partnerships with Special Olympics or if you wish to donate to the cause, please visit them online:




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