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It’s amazing how the kindness of a stranger can change your day, your week, your month, or even your life.

Kindness can come in many forms. It may be holding the door for someone, helping someone move, or listening to someone pour out their heart. No matter what the act of kindness is, it begins with putting someone else’s need before yours. When that happens something magical can happen. That’s exactly what happened on Aug. 18th in over 622 dental offices across the country.

Over 5,200 volunteers came together on a day called Smile Generation Serve Day to provide over .6 million dollars to over 2700 patients. This is the 8th annual Smile Generation Serve day in which over 15,000 patients have received over 5 million in donated dentistry, and I’ve had the privilege to be a part of it from the very beginning.

The kindness that I’ve seen volunteers share is life-changing and the joy-filled gratitude that patients have shown is moving. The stories of what people have gone through on their journey are gut-wrenching but inspiring of what they’ve overcome. From the woman who can now smile and has the confidence to start a new career, to the veteran that can now eat his favorite meal, to the individual who is thankful simply because they are no longer in pain. It’s all so good. Kindness leads to smiles not only in the life of the one being served but in the server. It’s as simple as people helping people and just striving to be kind. The thought of more kindness in this world is exciting not just on Smile Generation Serve Day but every day. Let’s go out and be kind and make someone smile.

Post written by Kyle Guerin, Head of Service at The Smile Generation.