On June 21, seven members of The Smile Generation family embarked on a trip to the Mission at Natuvu Creek on the island of Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island, to provide free dentistry to those in need.

During their 4-day visit to the Mission, the team of dentists and staff members helped children and adults in need, performing tooth extractions, restorations and cleanings. The team brought critical oral care and preventive dental health education to residents who otherwise have no access to dental services.

"The people in Fiji were so appreciative of all we did. It’s a great reminder of how blessed we all are once we leave behind the comforts of our little bubble," said Dr. Dean Lambridis, Thousand OaksDental Group.

Dr. Lambridis treats a patient in Fiji

Dr. Jackson smiles with a young patient in Fiji

The group included Dr. Tanisha Jackson from Redlands Dental Group in Redlands, CA; Dr. Dean Lambridis from Thousand Oaks Dental Group in Thousand Oaks, CA; Dr. Keith Johnson fromRose Dental Group in Oxnard, CA; and Connie Austin, RDH, from Sugar Land Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics. Accompanying the dental care team were Professional Development Coach Valerie Kendrick, Professional Development Coach Clarissa Castillo and We Serve Manager Kyle Guerin.

"It was an honor serving with this group. It’s heartwarming to see people take time out of their busy schedules to come out and care for people on the other side of the world," said We Serve Manager Kyle Guerin.

View more pictures from the Fiji Dental Mission on our Flickr page.