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With the holidays in full swing, could a dental emergency be more inconvenient?

Lots of factors could lead up to a dental mishap. Smile Generation-trusted dentist, Dr. Beatriz Springer from Keller Modern Dentistry in Fort Worth, Texas shares some insights on what could contribute to a dental emergency around the holiday season and a preventative approach to caring for your smile. Here’s what she had to say:

“Traditionally we have seen an increase in dental emergencies around the holidays starting with Halloween and through the New Year. Here are some thoughts on factors which could be contributing:

  1. Risk for increased plaque buildup has been found to be linked to high fatty foods (holiday home cooking, etc.)
  2. Dehydration is also commonly found around the holidays. This is linked to high sodium traditional dishes using canned food items and drinking less water. Dehydration leads to dry mouth which in turn puts patients at risks for decay.
  3. Existing decay which may have been asymptomatic may become sensitive or painful from direct contact with sugary foods and drinks such as carbohydrate heavy dishes, desserts and soft drinks.
  4. We also see an increase in incidences of fractured teeth. this may be related to eating hard foods during this time of the year including but not limited to nuts, pecan pie, candied apples, etc.

As people travel, this time of the year is likely for emergencies to happen while out of town. In my practice, we focus on prevention especially around this time of the year. I highly recommend my patients take care of all possible conditions before the holidays. It never fails, the tooth that previously had a cavity will end up broken with pain and/or infection while it’s the most inconvenient time to have it taken care of. The best way to prevent emergencies during the holidays is maintaining a healthy mouth. This starts with a regular schedule of visits with the primary care dentist as recommended twice a year. During these exams we are able to monitor our patient’s health and tackle any potential conditions early before they turn into emergencies.”

If you or a loved one are in need of an unexpected trip to the dentist, don’t worry- our Smile Generation-trusted dentists are here for you. With a preventative and proactive approach to your oral health, it’s possible to have a healthier, happier holiday season. And the rest of the year could turn out pretty good, too!