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Does red wine help fight and prevent oral cancer? Maybe. A recent blog post on The Huffington Post references a 2011 research that a substance called resveratrol—an anti-oxidant found in red grapes, wine, peanuts, plums and other plants—can make tumor cells more sensitive to chemotherapy. According to Subash D. Gupta, Ph.D. and his colleagues, cancer cells can develop multiple means of resistance to chemotherapy, which makes successful treatment complicated. Resveratrol helps the body become more sensitive to chemotherapy. (1)

The article further reveals that resveratrol is a natural antibiotic and it helps damaged cells in plants from replicating. So can the same thing happen to cancerous cells within the human body? Studies have shown the answer may be a YES. "These laboratory studies reveal that it may help fight cancer by suppressing the growth of cells, as well as hinder cancer’s ability to latch on and invade healthy cells." (1)

Before you invest in a wine cellar, check out this article from MD Anderson Cancer Center with these three tips for reaping wine’s possible health benefits:

  • Stick with red - red and purple grapes may have more cancer-fighting benefits.
  • Consider the vineyard - grapes grown in cooler climates seem to have more resveratrol.
  • Remember portion control - the recommended serving size is five ounces. Drinking heavily actually damages cells and increases the chances for cancer.

1 - "Can a Compound in Red Wine Help Fight Cancer? How Supplements Can Be Promising Disease-Fighters" - Huffington Post