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There’s more to this month than flowers, love notes and chocolates. February is also National Children’s Dental Health Month! To celebrate, we’re going to talk about the importance of kid’s dental health today.

Some kids have a love-hate relationship with good oral hygiene practices. Toothbrush battles are frustrating, but that is completely normal. So how do we make brushing, flossing (and our daily lives) easier? Step one is getting the right supplies. Kids need smaller brushes to fit their mouths, and getting one with their favorite cartoon character can make a chore fun!

The second step is making sure they treat their teeth well the rest of the day. That means more healthy snacks like fresh veggies and less soda and sugary drinks. Bonus: Drinking water helps rinse teeth between brushing sessions to keep plaque away!

To further encourage your kids to take care of their teeth, try some fun, interactive activities and videos. My Kid’s Dentist Online has a great section of activity sheets here. If your child likes cartoons, videos like this one are fun and show the importance of brushing!

It may be hard, but making sure kids have good oral hygiene habits is worth the effort. Combined with regular dental visits, you’ll be putting them on the right track to having a smile they’ll love the rest of their lives!