Bad breath is usually caused by poor dental habits, infections, the foods you eat and unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Other possible causes for bad breath include dry mouth and health conditions such as respiratory infections, diabetes, kidney, liver and lung disease, and gastrointestinal issues

Common causes of bad breath include:
  1.  Mouth, Nose and Throat Infections
    • According to the Mayo Clinic, Ears, Nose, and Throat (ENT) issues that can lead to postnasal drip which can contribute to bad breath. The bacteria feed on the mucus your body produces when it’s battling something like a sinus infection. (Which not only leave you sniffly but stinky, too!)
  2. Dry Mouth
    • Dry mouth can be caused by many things including medication, certain medical conditions, alcohol consumption, tobacco use or excessive caffeine. Drink plenty of water or chew sugarless gum to help increase saliva production.
  3.  Smoking and Tobacco Products
    • We all know tobacco products damage your health, but they also damage your mouth by drying it out. Smokers are similarly more likely to develop gum disease than non-smokers which adds to bad breath.
  4. Coffee, Caffeinated Drinks, and Alcohol
    •  Excessive consumption is damaging to your health, but these products also dry out your mouth. Remember to drink plenty of water and drink these in moderation.
  5.  Poor Dental Hygiene
    • Be sure you are practicing good dental hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day with anticavity toothpaste, couple with flossing and do not forget to brush your tongue. Mouth wash may also help.
  6. Diet
    • Reducing sugar intake can help since sugar aids bacteria multiplying quickly. Also, it may seem obvious, but pungent foods like onions and garlic are on the long list of bad-breath causing foods. If the breath is a concern, you’ll want to at least be aware of these if not avoid them altogether.
  7. Chronic Health Conditions
    • Gastric reflux, diabetes, liver, and kidney disease may cause bad breath as well. Yet another reason why taking care of your overall health keeps your mouth healthy!