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Dental Assistant Recognition Week

Did you know Dental Assistant Recognition Week is this week, March 7-13? The American Dental Assistants Association is honoring this 44th annual celebration with the theme “Our Heart Goes Into Every Smile.” Considering all that dental assistants are responsible for in the day-to-day life of a dental office, we couldn’t agree more.

Dental Assistants (DAs) greatly contribute to the quality of patient care in numerous ways. In fact, the American Dental Association defines the duties of a dental assistant as among the most comprehensive and varied in the dental office, combining both interpersonal and technical skills. Their responsibilities range from assisting the dentist during treatment procedures to taking X-rays to serving as an office’s infection control officer—a role that is more important than ever in these times.

Dental Assistant Recognition Week will be celebrated by more than 800 Smile Generation-trusted offices across the country. Here are five ways Smile Generation-trusted Dental Assistants serve their offices and patients that make them the best in the business!


1. Chairside Support

From readying equipment to serving as a second set of hands, the chairside support DAs provide helps dentists deliver the best care possible. They also serve as a source of compassion and comfort for distressed patients during difficult exams.


2. Compliant X-rays

DAs are tasked with operating digital X-ray equipment while simultaneously interacting with patients who may be nervous and unsure what to expect. Experienced DAs know exactly how to do this efficiently while helping patients become comfortable and relaxed. 


3. Patient Education

Dental assistants are commonly the first line of defense when it comes to educating patients about oral healthcare. They proactively explain diagnoses and treatment choices, taking the time to answer any questions a patient may have. When patients are armed with the proper information, they are better prepared to make the best choices regarding their care.


4. Medical Records

Dental assistants are responsible for effective and accurate charting. They also prepare medical records for dentists to review before each appointment and update patient charts at the end of every visit. 


5. Sterilization of Rooms and Equipment

Keeping patients safe has never been more important. Dental assistants perform the invaluable service maintaining state-of-the-art infection control policies, procedures, and systems that meet or exceed the standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


These are just five reasons. But visit a Smile Generation-trusted dental office and you’ll learn firsthand why there are plenty more reasons we love and appreciate Smile Generation-trusted dental assistants.