Infant oral health is an extremely important aspect of overall health during a child’s early development. The careful assessment and treatment of infant oral soft tissues is paramount—even before the first tooth arrives.

Upper lip and lower lingual tongue ties have a significant impact on an infant’s ability to breastfeed. Failure to address these tethered oral tissues can ultimately impact future systems and functions, such as handling of soft foods (development of a “picky eater”), alteration of craniofacial development, and development of speech and language pathologies. A frenectomy is a simple procedure to help address these conditions and typically is completed within seconds.

(Image of upper lip frenulum)

Our Smile Generation-trusted pediatric dentist, Dr. Alicia Delgado owner of My Kid's Dentist in Houston, TX says, "I have successfully performed this procedure many times and there's nothing like seeing the profound difference it can make in not only the child's health and quality of life but the whole family."