Questions About Emergency Dentistry? We can help!

Questions about emergency dentistry? We can help.

As word spread during the COVID-19 pandemic that dentists were only open for emergency appointments if at all, many people wondered the same thing (especially those experiencing immediate dental issues). What exactly counts as a dental emergency? We hope the following information offers a helpful response. 

What is a dental emergency?

The American Dental Association (ADA) defines dental emergencies as 1) potentially life threatening and 2) requiring immediate treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding, alleviate severe pain or infection. Specially, let the following situations serve as signs that you should seek emergency dental treatment: 

  • Bleeding that doesn't stop
  • Painful swelling in or around your mouth
  • Pain in a tooth, teeth, or jaw bone
  • Gum infection with pain or swelling
  • After surgery treatment (dressing change, stitch removal)
  • Broken or knocked out tooth
  • Denture adjustment for people receiving radiation or other treatment for cancer
  • Snipping or adjusting wire of braces that hurts your cheek or gums


How do you know if you have a dental emergency? For example, is a cavity a dental emergency?

This is a tricky question. It's hard to say without seeing it. That's where teledentistry can help. If a cavity or other issue is causing you concern, we encourage you to set up a virtual consultation. Discussing your concerns with a dentist on your smartphone, tablet or computer will help you decide if you need to set up an emergency appointment or if another route would be advisable.


What do you do if you have a dental emergency?

Let's start by recommending what NOT to do. DON'T go to your local ER or Urgent Care Center. For starters, they are needed at this time to preserve maximum capacity for COVID-19 and other emergencies. Also, most emergency rooms don't have dentists on staff. They may just end up prescribing painkillers or antibiotics which don't treat the underlying cause of the problem. Many dental offices are available for emergency appointments, and  Smile Generation-trusted dentists are available for emergency dentistry seven days a week. 


How much does an emergency dentist cost? What can you do if you can't afford a dentist?

Many are facing a financial burden right now like never before. In response, The Smile Generation offers the following options to help you afford the dental treatment you need. 

  • Smile Generation Dental Plan  is a discount dental plan that offers simple, same-day savings. Right now, you can pay $0 (yes, zero dollars) for six months' worth of savings. Smile Generation Dental Plan is not insurance, but offers discounts of 20-50% off most treatment. 
  • Smile Generation Financial  is a financing option that can be used with or without insurance at Smile Generation-trusted offices. Special financing is available for payments over $500: No interest if paid in full within 18 months on purchases of $500 made with your Smile Generation Financial Credit Card. 


We hope this answers your most immediate questions, but we realize you may have more. For more information, the simplest solution is just talk to a trusted dentist near you. And as always, The Smile Generation is happy to help you find one.