Whether she’s a mother or not, we want all the ladies to have a healthy smile!

In celebration of Mother’s Day and National Women’s Health Week, let’s make sure to celebrate the women in our lives by helping them be healthier and happier for years to come. And let’s start with their smiles.

Many people are becoming aware of the connection between oral health and whole body health. New research is showing the same bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth infections can contribute to many common, chronic systemic diseases. Heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, have all been linked to poor oral health. But it doesn’t stop there! Research has also shown links to autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s and Lupus.

As if that weren’t frightening enough, there are problems specific to women, too. Uncontrolled gum disease increases the chance of pregnant women giving birth to low birth weight and pre-term babies. Pregnant women are also more prone to gum disease due to hormonal interactions with the gum tissue. Inflammation and infection of the teeth and gums can circulate in your blood stream, which contributes to inflammation in other parts of the body. This effects the health of the unborn baby and the whole body health of the mother.

So let’s all help take care of the ladies that do so much to take care of us. Encourage the women in your life to visit the dentist’s office today to help support whole body health through a healthy mouth!

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