Sports help kids stay healthy, and mouth guards help smiles stay healthy. Sadly, only 7% of young athletes wear mouthguards when they are not required.1 We’re hoping to change this by showing how important and easy to care for mouth guards truly are!

Mouth guards are vital for lessening the impact to the face or mouth and reducing the risk of broken teeth. Now you probably could have guessed that broken and missing teeth are expensive to fix and replace (You’re 100% right.) but you might not have realized how dangerous they are. When a tooth breaks during a sports injury, there is a significant risk of it damaging the surrounding tissues of the face and mouth. Ouch!  

Taking care of a mouth guard is fairly easy. Just follow these simple rules:

  1. Rinse the mouth guard before and after each use.
  2. Occasionally rinse with cool soapy water. (Just make sure to get ALL the soap off!)
  3. Occasionally brush with your toothbrush and toothpaste.
  4. Store in a container with vents to allow it to dry and prevent mold.

Not too hard, right? And when you consider that children between the ages of 5 and 14 account for almost 40% of all sports-related injuries, we can easily see why taking every precaution, especially wearing mouth guards, is so important.

Here’s wishing you a healthier, happier, and safer summer!