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Yasmin Easley
Yasmin Easley


You can expect an ear to listen to your needs and wants, a comprehensive and thorough exam, a clear and concise communication of clinical needs, cosmetic options, and long term dental choices, and finally a gentle and skilled clinician who will treat you, the patient, efficiently and effectively.

Patient Impact

"A new patient came in with a massive abscess on her right cheek. The staff noted she was in excruciating pain and so we seated her immediately, despite other patients on the schedule. Upon examination we found out that she had a tooth that needed a root canal but the patient was suffering from an autoimmune disorder, and so her body could not fight the infection. Realizing we could not treat her without controlling the infection, I numbed her up with local anesthetic to reduce her pain, and then sent her straight to emergency to get her on IV antibiotics to reduce the fluid build up and infection. Then we scheduled her to return to the root canal. The patient and her husband were shocked at how quickly and efficiently we did everything in our power as a staff to respond to her situation. Afterwards we found out that despite us writing a letter for the MD she would see at emergency and making sure that emergency could call us, she still waited almost 8 hours at emergency to be taken care of. This couple came back to us and got a lot of treatment done, but to this day they are astounded that we cared enough to do everything we could to help them, even if there was no financial payoff imminent. "


Film: Lady Hawk (Michelle Pfeiffer, Rutger Hauer and Matthew Broderick - Great love story), TV Shows: Stargate SG1, and Heroes


Dr. Easley has been practicing dentistry since 1991. She and her husband Greg have been married since 1996. She believes that her communication skills and gentle hands help her to be a great clinician. She enjoys basketball (which she played in college), guitar, reading, and biking.

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