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Why an Endodontist is the Right Choice for Root Canal Treatments

Painless modern-day root canal treatments and why an endodontist is the right specialist for the job

Contributed by: Hamid Abedi DDS, MS

According to an American Association of Endodontists (AAE) poll, 70 percent of patients rank the root canal treatment as the dental procedure they fear most. For many, a root canal is scarier than having a tooth pulled or a cavity filled! We Smile Generation®-trusted dentists are here to help assuage your concerns around root canal treatments. The truth is, root canals don’t cause pain – they relieve it! Modern-day root canals aren’t what they used to be; nowadays they are virtually painless and are often necessary to save your natural tooth.

It’s time to start changing perception. The real question shouldn’t be, “Should I get a root canal done?” It should be, “Should I see an endodontist to get a root canal done instead of my general dentist?”

March 30-April 5,, 2014 is the 8th Annual Root Canal Awareness Week. This is initiated by the AAE, which currently has more than 7,000 members worldwide. The purpose of this special week is to broaden the public’s knowledge and awareness about the importance of endodontics. For example, did you know that endodontists have two to three years additional experience in a number of skills that allows the root canal procedure to be performed as efficiently and painlessly as possible? These skills include: delivering pain management protocols (e.g., supplemental anesthesia, oral and IV sedation); delivering comfort protocols designed to reduce patient anxiety; using modern equipment and techniques (e.g., magnification, rotary files, medications like BioPure® MTAD® root canal cleanser and digital radiography).

So, although a general dentist can and will perform a root canal treatment, an endodontist is clearly the better choice. According to the AAE, general dentists perform less than two root canals a week, whereas an endodontist performs 25. Who would you be more comfortable with?

For more information about root canal treatments: What is an endodontist? Or visit the AAE website.

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