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Dr. Shervin Molayem, Periodontist, DDS.

A Smile Generation-Trusted Dentist and Researcher Weighs In

As COVID-19 continues, many continue to welcome new ideas to our toolbox of tips for staying healthy. Improving oral health may not have received as much national press, but it still offers an important advantage in the fight against this virus, as an article published in Dentistry Today showed in August of 2020.

“Coronavirus patients who have been hospitalized are far more likely to die of respiratory failure if they suffered from periodontitis before contracting COVID-19, according to an international team of dental researchers… According to the researchers, the study suggests that COVID-19 patients with bad gums face a much greater risk of generating harmful IL-6 proteins that spread to their lungs and trigger a life-threatening respiratory crisis.

“Gum disease has been linked to other breathing ailments, including pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, so we weren’t surprised to find a link to respiratory problems with COVID-19,” said researcher Shervin Molayem, DDS, a dental surgeon based in Los Angeles and founder of the UCLA Dental Research Journal.”*

Dr. Molayem is one of the many Smile Generation-trusted dentists available throughout the country. In the article, he added, “Now that we’ve confirmed periodontitis makes [COVID-19] even deadlier, if you’re worried that you may have gum disease, your next trip to the dentist may actually save your life.”

At The Smile Generation, we call the link between oral and overall health The Mouth-Body Connection®. In addition to increasing the risk for chronic lung infections, gum disease can impact heart health, brain health, and more. Take the time to educate yourself on this often-overlooked aspect of your health. Definitely take the time to brush twice a day and floss daily. And if you need a trusted dentist near you, it doesn’t take any timen at all to find one with a little help from The Smile Generation.

*Treatment and Medications that reduce Periodontitis may lessen severity of C-19
COVID-19 Patients With Periodontitis Face Greater Risk of Dying
10 Aug 2020  Dentistry Today