Back-To-School Ready Smiles

It seems like summer break just started and we’re already getting ready for back to school. While you’re busy shopping for school supplies and clothes, remember to schedule a dentist appointment before that big first day. Once school is in full swing, it can be a lot more challenging to find the time to visit your dentist.

In addition to your back-to-school checklist, here’s a quick, back-to-the-dentist checklist with some handy tips to help ensure a more successful visit!

  • More than one kid? Have the child with the most positive experiences at the dentist go first. Hopefully, they’ll set a good example for the others.
  • Hungry kids can make unhappy patients! If the appointment isn’t already right after breakfast or lunch, a light snack before might help.
  • If possible, schedule a morning appointment when kids tend to be more cooperative. If your child still takes naps, avoid scheduling an appointment during nap time.
  • Stay positive! If you have any anxiety about seeing a dentist, you can help set up your kid for success by not expressing that in front of them.
  • Try to make the dental visit an enjoyable outing.

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