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Tips to Make Your Halloween Happy and Healthy

October is known for more than just Halloween. It’s also National Dental Hygiene Month. Does that seem ironic? In fact, with all the treats that will be consumed, we think the timing is perfect!

Here are a few tips to help make Halloween healthier and safe for kids and adults alike:

  1. Avoid sticky candy like taffy and lollipops that cling to your teeth. These can be especially bad for braces.
  2. Having a nutritious meal before eating any Halloween candy is good because the increased saliva production helps to wash away sugars in your teeth that can cause tooth decay.
  3. Choose less sugary snacks for your Halloween get-together to help balance the inevitable candy eating.
  4. Designate a certain number of candies that your kids can enjoy from their goody bag and put the rest away to enjoy over the course of the next few weeks. You could even donate some to a food bank. The safety of your kid’s stomach and teeth are at stake!

Seem like a lot to remember? Don’t worry. The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) is honoring National Dental Hygiene Month by sharing this reminder about the four components of good oral health. Remember these on Halloween and every other day of the year, and you should be OK: 1.) brush teeth twice daily, 2.) Floss every day, 3.) Rinse with antimicrobial mouth rinse and 4.) Chew sugar-free gum.1

Just one more thing—have a Happy Halloween!