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Better health is often reflected in a better appearance, especially with your smile. Straight teeth don’t just look better, they’re easier to clean, reducing tooth decay and gum disease. Plus, a better appearance can help improve self-esteem and emotional well-being. So, with summer’s annual emphasis on looking our best, we’d like to share seven simple tips for a bright, healthy smile and hopefully in turn—a healthier, happier you.


1. Practice good oral hygiene. Brush and floss regularly.

Let’s be honest—we hope this one is obvious. You’ve probably heard it from your dentist since you were a kid. Brush twice a day for two minutes and floss at least once a day. It’s foundational to better oral health (and overall health) and rightfully the first step towards a better smile.


2. Relax and stop the grind. Reducing stress will reduce teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding, or bruxism is a condition that affects up to 16% of adults1. It can lead to jaw pain and significant damage to your teeth if not taken care of. Your dentist can fit you with a simple, plastic night guard to fit over the teeth and reduce the friction and help alleviate the pain. 


3. Smile more - it’s that simple!

Just make it a point to smile throughout the day. Try smiling as wide as possible, hold it for about 10 seconds, and repeat often. You’ll give your smile muscles a good workout, probably improve your selfie game, and best of all—people will start wondering what your secret is.


4. Brighten your smile. Whiten your teeth.

Tooth whitening enhances the brightness of natural teeth. It’s important to discuss it with your dentist before taking action, especially if you have discolored or sensitive teeth, decay, infected gums, bridges, crowns, or other dental work (especially involving your front teeth). If your dentist agrees you’re a good candidate, you can choose either an over-the-counter kit or dentist-supervised treatment.


5. Straight teeth are great teeth.  Try Clear Aligners.

Even if you had traditional metal braces when you were younger, you may still have minor corrections you would like to see in your smile. Clear Aligners, like Invisalign®, are great alternatives that use clear, removable trays to gradually and gently shift your teeth into place without the use of metal brackets and wires.


6. Don’t be a stranger. Visit your dentist regularly.

Regular dental exams are obviously important as well because they’re absolutely foundational to a better smile. In addition to checking for cavities and gum disease, routine cleanings help improve your smile’s appearance by removing plaque buildup that can lead to cavities and they tackle tough stains your toothbrush may have missed.


7. Vacationing?  Find a dentist wherever you are.

While we’re on the subject of summer-ready smiles, planning any trips soon? If you have a dental emergency while traveling (and we hope you don’t!) keep in mind The Smile Generation can help you find a trusted dentist in communities across the country. Your local Smile Generation-trusted office can easily share your files upon your request to make sure you get the care you need—when and where you need it.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice. So taking good care of it can improve your appearance, improve your health, and send a sizzling signal that you’re set for all the good summer has in store!


1. Shetty, S., Pitti, V., Satish Babu, C. L., Surendra Kumar, G. P., & Deepthi, B. C. (2010). Bruxism: a literature review. Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society10(3), 141–148. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13191-011-0041-5